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  • Business organising/productivity
  • Moving services (including home staging)

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Helena McBride

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The Space Maker



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General Information

The Space Maker is a professional organiser providing a calm, logical method to show you how to overcome those obstacles and barriers to achieve your happy place.

You may want to clear your whole house of clutter or have just have a particular room that needs clearing, a pile of paperwork that needs organising, under the bed or even under the stairs. To think big, you need to start small, it may be just the sock drawer!

I know exactly how cathartic and liberating a clean-up can be, but I am also fully aware of what a change a large tidy-up brings. I have often dealt with traumatic situations such as bereavement or stress-related issues, so I always deal with them sensitively – I would encourage you to eliminate useless clutter so you can live a better you.


'If the fact that you have at least ten cupboards that need clearing makes you anxious, but unable to act, then help is at hand. Helena is a motivational whirlwind, slicing through the clutter.'


Helena came to help me transfer from my house to a care facility. She has helped me with my personal affairs as well as arranging for my house to be sold.


Helena is a complete and total saviour. If like me you make piles of everything you need to tidy and sort and then just put it away again... You need Helena.

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