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In the summer of 2020 it was clear to me that more and more people in Estonia need help in organizing their homes and through it – their lives. So Stiihia was created. By the way, Stiihia means in Estonian “destructive force of nature” – isn’t it something our homes might look time to time?

My primary goal is to provide my clients a peaceful home. A peaceful home that needs less time for organizing and cleaning gives more freedom to do what speaks to the heart. Who doesn’t want to spend the quality time with the family or have extra time for the hobbies? Finally, decluttering offers the clarity for understanding what really matters.

I’ll be there to help you one-on-one or I can do the work alone, exactly how you feel and need me to do.

Serenity. Freedom. Clarity. Order amidst chaos.

Registered in England & Wales VAT Number 277 8442 57