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Katherine Blackler

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General Information

Hello there!

I’m Katherine, a high energy individual who spent nearly 15 years after graduating, oscillating between demanding corporate jobs in the city and travelling the world. My roles have focussed very much on organising and coordinating people and processes.

I now work at a much more personal level helping individuals, a couple or a family through tangible and practical transitions. I work with you to take stock of your belongings, help you recognise which ones bring value to your lives, and which items can be released from service.

By mindfully taking control of your clutter, you can gain that freedom, extra time or peace of mind you feel is currently missing in your life. I can inject that vital enthusiasm you need to get a daunting job done. I am not a therapist but the results can be very therapeutic!

I served as the President of APDO (2018-2021) and a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals). I was the first person in the UK to gain CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer) status in July 2019.

Check out my website for more information or contact me for a no-obligation chat as to how I can help you.

Specialist expertise/experience

With 15 years of corporate experience before setting up SortMySpace Ltd, Katherine is familiar with business administration, project management and managing stakeholders in a corporate environment.

Katherine has been a guest speaker for webinars, podcasts, panel discussions and presentations to community groups.  She has led workshops of 10-25 attendees as well as addressed audiences of 100+.  Her speaker sheet and details are available at

If you’re thinking of setting up in the industry or currently finding your way in the early years and want to explore your ideas with an established organiser, Katherine offers virtual calls (over Zoom) via her website


I immediately liked Katherine's energy & personality on the phone & I knew we would get on. Decluttering is very personal & would not work as well with someone who doesn't understand you & your space.


I asked Katherine to help me get straight on stuff I'd accumulated over a few decades. She worked tirelessly over 5 days to sort through my things with me & help me identify what was essential or not.


Everything has its place now. The piles are still there, but they're labeled & I can easily find what I need. Katherine's work will speak for itself & if you hire her, she will quickly prove her worth

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