Mardi Girl - The Organising Lady, Surrey, London, Hampshire, West Sussex

Specialisms Covered

  • Business organising/productivity
  • Interior design
  • Life coach/declutter coaching
  • Moving services (including home staging)
  • Public speaking/training

About me:


Karen Powell The Organising Lady

Areas Covered

Farnham + 45 Mile Radius
Greater London
Hampshire, Sussex






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General Information

Hello I’m Karen and I’m The Organising Lady. My super power is I help my clients find 30 minutes extra daily. I help busy people like you stop procrastinating and to be, more productive at home or at work, by helping you to develop time management and organising skills. Did you know people spend hours each week just looking for items they need everyday? My clients tell me this is frustrating, it can make them late for work and appointments, it increases feelings of overwhelm and leaves them unable to complete simple tasks. Are you ready to begin the journey to a more organised, efficient and streamlined way of living and working…. imagine a space where everything has a place and everything is a useful part of your routine. What would you do with 30 minutes extra every day? Contact me for an informal and non-judgmental chat.


Specialist expertise/experience

The Organising Lady . APDO Registered Organiser . More than 25 years organising experience.

Whole Homes and Offices . Storage Areas Including Garages & Lofts . Packing & Unpacking . Storage Advice . Property Staged To Sell . Senior Move Specialist . Downsizing or Supersizing! Guidance Support & Coaching . I am used to dealing with many different situations including chronically disorganised homes.

Wardrobe Edits & Personal Style . Promoter for Fashion Reboot Cobham, Surrey. Find me on Instagram @mardi.girl

Contact me for a FREE conversation.
Instagram & Facebook: @theorganisinglady


Loft Karen has done an amazing job clearing out 20 years of accumulated stuff that had been put in the loft ‘just in case’ or for ‘later’. I’m delighted and thoroughly recommend Mardi Girl.


In 4 hours my office was cleared of the past 14 years of clutter, sorted into manageable categories, polished, dusted, and restored to a usable room that l can now repurpose into whatever l need.


Work Wardrobe Karen guided me on outfits for a work event in NYC, how to look good on the plane & be comfortable for the long flight! Once she understands you & what you need she's like a whirlwind!

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