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  • Business organising/productivity
  • Digital/computer organisation
  • Life coach/declutter coaching
  • Moving services (including home staging)
  • Virtual services (e.g. Skype/online courses)

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Claire Lawrence

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General Information

Let’s Get Sorted is run by Claire Lawrence, a professional organizer and declutterer based in Woodley (near Reading in Berkshire). We offer personal, caring and sensitive de-cluttering, sorting and organizational solutions to busy people who want help getting their home storage and filing back on track. Claire works in a hands on way throughout Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, South Buckinghamshire and North Hampshire. She also carry out virtual work with you no matter where you are in the world! She offers many services to help you get sorted including, but not limited to:

  • General household decluttering and organizing
  • Virtual decluttering and organizing
  • Terminal illness and Bereavement organisational support
  • Decluttering and organizing when moving house


Specialist expertise/experience

You might wonder what we could achieve decluttering or organising without me actually being there! Well, as the coronavirus continues to affect us all, many of you will have more people in your house, more stuff in your house and less space in your house. How you organise that people, the space, the time and even the family will make a huge difference to your mental well-being in the coming weeks and months as we continue through these tricky times of self-isolation and social distancing.

I can help with

  • Organising your work space, the living space, or any other rooms in your house to work efficiently and possibly as multi-functional spaces
  • Sourcing storage solutions for you or repurposing what you already have
  • Setting up technology to get you connected to others
  • Clearing paperwork backlogs
  • Reviewing bills, emails, post and paperwork that may be causing you concern
  • Email and technology decluttering
  • Giving ideas of mini decluttering projects in your home, including those that the children can get involved with!
  • Giving you someone to process and make decisions with who is one step further removed than those in your household

Claire did a brilliant job helping me to sort out my office. She was so quick in understanding what I needed & came up with great solutions. Now everything has it's space & I know where everything is!


Get over your guilt that you should have done this yourself by now – call Claire – get it done together in a fraction of the time – and with your new found sense of peace – get on with your life!


Thank you Claire, You're helping me turn back into a person again. It feels like the clouds and fog are lifting and I can start to see again.

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