Specialisms Covered

  • Hoarding Behaviours
  • Life coach/declutter coaching
  • Moving services (including home staging)
  • Photo organising

About me:


Clara Moore

Areas Covered

Glasgow and nearby areas
Falkirk, Stirling
Livingston, Edinburgh
East Renfrewshire





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General Information

Professional Organiser and decluttering support.

Joy of Space is a specialised company, covering Glasgow and the surrounding areas, which offers a professional organising and decluttering service to help you declutter and organise your space and life using the Konmari method.

Joy of Space brings this world recognised method to Scotland, offering expert support with decluttering, life tidying and organising. Experience the joy of decluttering and having your life and home transformed.

Services include:

Hourly decluttering support. Support with downsizing. Support in preparing to move or sell your home. Support with resettlement. Tidying lessons – adults and children. Folding and storage lessons – adult and children. Support in organising office areas. Home staging for house sales. Support with estate management. Support with linking into and identifying community resources. Advice and support with discarding/disposing. Telephone support with decluttering process.

Friendly, professional and non-judgemental support to help you live the life you want to live.






"Working with Clara was a true inspiration. I now have a home filled with objects that only bring me joy. Thank-you Clara" (ZM)


"Thank you for being my consultant, this has felt like a gift to my soul. Everything has found it's place, my belongings are now a joyful expression of me &my space & home now feel alive & joyful"(IS)


"The discarding process felt much easier than I thought it would, I have more "headspace" and I feel lighter and so does my house. I wouldn't have attempted it on my own, thank you" (MS)

Registered in England & Wales VAT Number 277 8442 57