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  • Business organising/productivity
  • Hoarding Behaviours
  • Digital/computer organisation
  • Interior design
  • Moving services (including home staging)

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Erato Zakakiotou

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General Information

My name is Erato Zakakiotou and I am a successful business owner, project manager and interior designer. I have worked around the world on large construction and design projects, as part of a successful family business, as well as running an exclusive luxury hotel membership club.

I am now using my experience to offer decluttering and organisation, as well as house moving, relocation and interior design services.

I want to share my expertise and my eye for detail with you. My goal is to promote happiness and contentment at home, through organisation and expert planning.

Services for Private Clients

Efficient service with effective solutions

For private clients, I offer a range of services to support you with creating a beautiful home – where you feel happy and fulfilled.

Use my interior design, organisation and decluttering skills to make your house a home.

I can also support you with the sale of your home or the rental of your property, through my proven home staging techniques, that create light and inviting spaces, even in the smallest of rooms.

My services for private clients include:

  • Professional styling and organisation to improve, restore or renovate an interior environment
  • Interior design, including Feng shui guided designs
  • Home staging in preparation for selling or renting your property or holiday accommodation
  • House moving and relocation services, which includes relocation support, including pre-move organisation, packing and unpacking, as well as interior design and home organisation upon moving in.
  • Office and workspace organisation, including assistance with paperwork
  • Wardrobe and bedroom transformation
  • Kitchen organisation and deep cleans
  • Assistance in packing and unpacking for holidays or business trips


Services for Corporate Clients

Bringing plans to fruition

For my corporate clients, I offer a wide range of services for workspace and offices, as well as employee’s homes and relocation properties.

I can also support estate agents, landlords and property developers, with staging and design, for homes for sale or rent.

My services for corporate clients include:

  • Professional styling and organisation to improve, restore or renovate an interior environment
  • Interior design for offices and workspaces
  • Organisation and decluttering, including assistance for filing and paper work organisation
  • Assistance in packing and unpacking for business trips
  • Kitchen, common areas, reception and meeting room organisation and staging
  • House moving and relocation services for employees, which would include relocation support, including pre-move organisation, packing, unpacking and interior design, house staging and organising upon moving.
  • Staging and dressing for show homes, as well as preparing homes for sale or rent
  • Location staging for marketing purposes
  • Specialist interior design for hoteliers and property developers

EZ HACH’s mission and values

I want you to feel happy and comfortable in your home and work environment.

I want to transform your interior environment into a comforting place to enjoy and feel relaxed.

When we have a happy, tidy and organised space, it contributes to a sense of well-being and a healthy mindset, making us feel fulfilled.

Happiness is my mission and the ultimate vision for everything I do.

Get in touch today and let me help you.

Specialist expertise/experience

Health and Safety Certificate


Construction Project Management Certificate

Construction Supervisor Certificate

Interior Design Diploma

Professional Interior Designer Diploma

Feng Shui Diploma

House staging Certificate

DBS Valid Holder

Waste Carrier Registration

ICO Registration

Public Liability and Indemnity Registration



Registered in England & Wales VAT Number 277 8442 57