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  • Business organising/productivity
  • Virtual services (e.g. Skype/online courses)
  • Public speaking/training
  • Advice and Training for POs/Declutterers

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General Information

Are you feeling so overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ you can never find what you’re looking for? Or maybe you are planning to move and don’t know where to start? Would you just like to escape all the clutter? Would you love to have a personalised filing system designed for you? Would you like to manage your ‘to do’ list better so you work more efficiently?

Whichever problem brought you here, I’m passionate about helping you simplify your home. I work together with you to help you declutter and organise it so that it really works for you. As an ‘ex-messy’ I understand where you are now, and never judge you. Having three children I love working with families, and have particular expertise working with people with ADHD to help them improve their organisational skills.

(I am an ex-physiotherapist so am very comfortable working with elderly or disabled clients).

Services include:

  • Supporting those with ADHD or long term difficulties with getting organised
  • Creating a bespoke home filing system
  • Remote consultations
  • Decluttering and organising rooms
  • Getting family homes organised
  • Wardrobe & clothes: storage solutions

Call me today to find out more about how I can help you!

Specialist expertise/experience

ADHD services
I have over 50 years of lived experience of ADHD (both myself and family members have been diagnosed) and have worked with clients with ADHD since starting my business in 2014. The majority of my clients now have a diagnosis of ADHD or have long term disorganisation.

Specialising in ADHD I hold a Level 2 certificate in ADHD from the ICD. In a bid to increase the number of organisers providing ADHD-friendly support, I have also developed ADHD for Organisers, now delivered to over 50 APDO organisers.

If you have ADHD we can work collaboratively together to find creative solutions which fit you and are easier to maintain, so you feel more on top of both life and your home.

Virtual/ Remote organising
Using Zoom/ WhatsApp/ FaceTime or phone to support you to declutter/ organise your home. I’ll help give you more clarity and keep you accountable so you can achieve your goals. Call me for an initial free 20min consultation to find out more.

(I am a member of the Academy of Virtual Organisers and attended training by Juliet Landau-Pope in Mar 20 )

Business Organising/ Productivity
I offer single or repeat sessions to help you focus better within a work context.  We review your to do lists, how you prioritise, and reduce any overwhelm during your work day.

Since 2014 I have supported clients to organise both their homes and their to do lists/ work. I have also been commissioned by businesses to provide productivity support to staff.

Public Speaking/ Training

  • I was on the APDO training team for 3 years delivering Start A Professional Organising Business. I love working with small groups and individuals offering training and one-on-one mentoring calls.
  • I offer mentoring calls on setting up your business, with a particular focus on developing your own style and becoming more confident about the services you offer.
  • I regularly offer a 6 part course ADHD for Organisers, now delivered to over 50 APDO organisers.
  • I offer mentoring calls on ADHD clients.
  • I also deliver workshops and interactive talks on decluttering and creating an ADHD– friendly home.

Sarah was brilliant... and non-judgemental. I have ADHD and Sarah was knowledgeable about how this may pose challenges with keeping things tidy and proposed practical solutions.


Sarah has made what felt like an impossible decluttering task and house move into the possible! She is very easy to work with, enormously helpful and extremely thoughtful in her approach.


Sarah was extremely sensitive and we managed to achieve a huge amount together. Her pointers on useful items to buy, the sensitivities surrounding possessions and how to go forward were invaluable.

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