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General Information

My Business is called” Enjoy Your Home” I choose this name  because that is what I would like for everyone to achieve. A home is probably the biggest investment we are likely to make in a lifetime and I believe for it to reach its true potential it has to spark Joy. One of life’s greatest luxuries is to be able to relax in your own home surrounded by loved ones and items that bring you joy.

In this consumer driven society that we live in people have become overwhelmed by their possessions and are finding it increasingly difficult to find sufficient storage within their home for all that they possess. Everyday life and activities are hampered by disorganisation and chaos in the home often leading to family arguments and emotional distress. For your habits to change your mindset must first change that is why this method of decluttering is so efficient. At the core of it you are confronting yourself and the need to keep items that you no loner need or use. Your external world and your internal world are mirrors of each other, change one and see how the other one follows .


Specialist expertise/experience

I  am Ireland’s first Certified KonMari consultant.

I offer five hour decluttering and organizing sessions using this unique method. I work hand in hand with clients assisting them in decision making while imparting my knowledge of folding and organizing and displaying your items in a joyful manner.

For those of you that fear decluttering means getting rid of all of your beloved items I want to stress that this is not the case, as long as it brings you joy then we will find a place to store and display it so that when you see it throughout your home it will make you happy.

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