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  • Public speaking/training
  • Advice and Training for POs/Declutterers

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General Information

Is your stuff becoming even more of a problem during the lockdown? Do you want to do something about it but really don’t know where to start?

Having been through quite a rollercoaster of a life – from alcoholism and finally recovery, through to bereavement and miscarriage – Jo understands how difficult things can be to tackle and face.

Working virtually or 121 with you or holding you accountable for getting on with it yourself – we have numerous options available to work with you to deal with your stuff.

We specialise in working with people with hoarding behaviours, those with ADHD and also dementia.

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Specialist expertise/experience

Trained in Professional Hoarding Practitioner Training Stage 1, 2 and 3 with Hoarding Disorders UK – September 2019.

Achieved Dementia Star Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards from Enrichment for the Elderly – October 2019.

Completed numerous talks on decluttering and organising at different local networking groups and events – including a talk for 70 HR staff at NHS, Doncaster Royal Infirmary on Declutering, Organising, Time and Task Management.

Carry out online workshops on organising and decluttering and completed virtual decluttering training – April 2020.

Completed Adult Safeguarding Training – January 2020.

Completed Vulnerable Adult Risk Management Training (VARM) – January 2020

Completed ADHD for Organisers Training – March 2020

Award in Education & Training Level 3 – June 2020

Lean Organisation Management Techniques Level 2 – July 2020

GDPR – July 2020

Equality & Diversity – August 2020

Inherent Jurisdiction Training – November 2020


Jo made it easy to finally get rid of the clutter and look at the emotional elements that had been holding me back. Excellent service and worth every penny. Nikki


What can I say but ‘WOW’! She put no undue pressure on me but got me in the zone, we spent 4 hours filling bags. Anything that can be used by charity, Jo takes. One of the most therapeutic days. Liz x


Jo is extremely efficient and gets the job done. It is clear what is to be achieved during that time and 10/10 and 100% this gets done! Jo's empathy and compassion go such a long way Jen J

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