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Anita Fortes

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General Information

Hello, I’m Anita, an experienced Professional Organiser based in Norfolk. Thank you so much for visiting my page.

I work across Norfolk and Suffolk and also offer a virtual organising service, which means I can support you…wherever you are!

My service will always be tailored to your needs

Life can be very busy with many competing demands – making it difficult to stay on top of things. That’s why many people who contact me say they feel overwhelmed.

It might be a messy home with too much stuff, or attachments to belongings that are a struggle to  part with. Staying organised might be especially tricky due to poor health, physical limitations or  a neurodiversity such as A.D.H.D.

We all yearn for organised simplicity in our home, but sometimes need a helping hand to get there.

I have worked successfully with numerous clients, using tried and trusted methods to create calm, organised spaces, free of clutter and with a place for everything. It makes tidying up a dream!

With hands-on support, I can help you organise any area of your home – from a linen cupboard to the whole house. I will do all the lifting, shifting and carrying, as well as help you make those nagging decisions about what to keep and what to let go. If required, I will take your unwanted items to charity – so you don’t have to.

Creating new routines to help you stay organised long-term, will give you the time energy and freedom to enjoy a stress free, pleasurable life at home.

My approach will always be kind, patient and non judgemental

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Specialist expertise/experience

Background and Training

Having previously trained as a a mental health nurse, I  have a wealth of experience of providing sensitive support to people with a range of physical and mental health needs.

I am also a qualified teacher and for many years worked as a special needs consultant, supporting people with complex needs and neurodiverse conditions including A.D.H.D and A.S.D.

I have completed advanced training in hoarding behaviours and work for housing associations supporting tenants with hoarding difficulties.


I'm so thankful I found Anita. She helped me declutter and pack up our family home after our mother died. I will always be grateful that I met her Mrs. C


Anita helped us sort out the chaos at home - I have ADHD and depression. She helped us declutter and better organise our things. We love our home now...what a life saver! James and Ann


Thanks so much for your help and kindness - I love the space we created in the spare room. I feel like a lead weight has been lifted. You are simply brilliant! Fiona

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