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Let’s clear the clutter!

Everyone dreams of a neat and tidy house but with today’s hectic schedules, not many of us achieve this.

Whether you’re a busy professional, an overwhelmed family, moving house or downsizing Organise Your House is here to help in London and the South East. I offer a FREE no obligation consultation followed by a one-to-one home visit where I help organise and declutter your space.

I work by a simple 4 R’s system- reuse, recycle, re-home and refuse. We tackle each project together, deciding what to keep and what can go. Organise Your House is an unbiased pair of eyes evaluating your belongings and helping you reach de-cluttering decisions you’re comfortable with.

Organise Your House specialises in:

* Decluttering wardrobes

* Implementing practical filing systems for paperwork

* Decluttering bedrooms

* Unpacking boxes and suitcases after a house move

* Finding new storage solutions and methods

* Getting a property ready to sell on the open market

* Streamlining work surfaces, especially in the kitchen

* Practical advice about running a household.

Contact me via email or mobile phone with more details of who you are, where you live and the project you’d like me to tackle.

My service is completely confidential!


"Thank you Ingrid so much for all your help and advice when decluttering and organising our study. As you know it was very hard for me and I appreciate all your patience and motivation"


“Thank you so much for your help decluttering a very full room. I really didn't think we would get so much done, but with your enthusiasm and very practical advice our room has been rescued"


“Emailing you that morning a few weeks ago was one of the best things I've done. Didn't realise how much it would change our day to day lives. Thank you so, so much.”