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Change Your Space is a positive and pragmatic organising service. We work collaboratively with you to meet your individual aims to maximise the space and order in your home.

We stage homes for sale, fast track sorting your spare room or paperwork, and support householders where there are serious challenges with hoarding.

We have improved over 100 homes across the South West.

Jasmine has been organising belongings since she was 9 years old. Reminded of her strange tendency to sort out cupboards at that tender age, she rekindled that passion to start her own business Change Your Space in 2013.

She had spent the interim years studying Psychology in London, and then working to ensure several organisations were in efficient shape with her warm and respectful approach to change.

She is a Member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers UK (APDO), and works actively with local charities and public agencies.

Change Your Space has been featured in lifestyle magazines such as Prima, and regional publications such as Devon Life. She has been featured in many blogs such as the Talented Ladies Group, and has keen interest in her tips on Twitter.

The testimonials show how Jasmine and her team can successfully bring about space and order in a diverse range of spaces. Her work spans those with significant hoarding issues who have not had anyone in their home for over 5 years, charitable offices where they have had to downsize into smaller premises, and busy professionals who want their wardrobe given an annual review in double quick time.

Jasmine combines positive encouragement and pragmatic know-how to bring about the desired change for her clients spaces and their lives.


Jasmine is SUCH a help! She is non-pushy re keeping eg "memorabilia", very strong, neat and fast. She has helped me to prepare for moving house and now is steadily working through a room at a time.


Well worth the money and Jasmine even emailed me after I moved area to see if I was settled in and ok. A lovely lady and very professional. I can highly recommend her services.


Jasmine was extremely helpful and inspired me to get on with some other jobs using her principles between our sessions. She even sourced me a sofa, a great bonus and an example of the way she thinks.