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APDO Donate-a-Day Smart Works

Smart Works just got smarter!

How do you take an already efficiently-run stockroom and make it even better? Hannah Ashwell-Dickinson (Declutter with Hannah) and nine other APDO colleagues did just that as part of National Organising Week (NOW) last week with North London charity Smart Works.

The team, headed up by Marcella Caricasole (Think Tidy), joined forces to organise the stockroom and offices of the charity Smart Works as part of APDO’s annual Donate a Day where professional organisers donate a day of their time and expertise to charities.

Donate a Day was an idea introduced by APDO’s President Katherine Blackler (SortMySpace) in 2016 when a team of six organisers helped to organise a charity’s​ new stockroom. Katherine says “This year I was delighted to participate in one of 10 events across the country involving over 40 APDO members. It’s amazing to see an idea grow with such momentum.”

APDO Donate-a-Day Smart Works shoe organising

In her element sorting shoes; Heidi Vorster (All Organised)

Smart Works is a UK charity which provides high-quality interview clothes, styling advice and interview training to women in need.  They give women the confidence, the self-belief and the practical tools they require to succeed at interview and start a new chapter of their life.

Hannah said “Smart Works’ attention to detail in making their clients feel comfortable and special is so inspiring. We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to help make their already well-organised space even easier to manage.”

After being shown around Smart Works and learning more about the valuable work they do, APDO members got stuck in: organising rails of clothing, categorising shoes and bags, fixing and organising jewellery, steaming and mending clothes, and sorting out pedestals of paperwork.

APDO Donate-a-Day Smart Works Lizzie Grant

“A very long facial” described the day for Lizzie Grant (Simplify Stuff) steaming clothes

After five hours of focused activity everyone felt very positive and happy with what they had accomplished, and they had enjoyed some good giggles along the way.

Sarah Owen (A Place for Everything) said “I wanted to be part of Donate a Day because I really liked the idea of teaming up with other APDO colleagues and giving my time and expertise to a charity which would benefit from my help. I was particularly impressed with the work that Smart Works does supporting women getting back into the workplace. It was a fun day to boot, so a ‘Win Win’ for all.”

Nicki Munns

Nicki Munns (All Organised) gets to grips with 2017’s donation documents

One of the achievements in the office was liberating a pedestal by reviewing, culling and organising older paperwork. “It’s a task which often slides down the list as day-to-day demands shout louder,” explained Sam Hofer (Untangled), “but creating that additional space by scanning or shredding historical paperwork can make such a difference so it’s really worth the time investment.”

Smart Works were delighted to host the APDO team “Thank you all so much…your expertise was incredibly valuable to our staff, volunteers and clients.”

Catch the team in action with the video round-up of the day activities.

APDO Donate-a-Day Smart Works

Group photo (from left to right):

Front: Lizzie Grant (Simplify Stuff), Sarah Owen (A Place for Everything), by Marcella Caricasole (Think Tidy) and Nicki Munns (All Organised)

Back: Hannah Ashwell-Dickinson (Declutter with Hannah), Sam Hofer (Untangled), Heidi Vorster (All Organised) and Katherine Blackler (SortMySpace).


You can read about more Donate a Day activity by APDO members here!

APDO Sarah Owen professional organiser

Interview with a Professional Organiser: Sarah Owen

This National Organising Week, we have been showcasing seven of our members – one each day throughout the week – to give a real insight into the life of a professional organiser, their challenges, successes and motivations. In our final interview in the series Sarah Owen of A Place for Everything in Hemel Hempstead shares lots of great advice, and tells us about her business.

Sarah Owen of A Place for Everything

What is your favourite thing or area to organise?

I love to organise, so it’s hard to pick just one thing or area as I enjoy bringing order and calm to all my clients, regardless of what they need help with.    I love to help families because I remember how it felt to be overwhelmed by children’s stuff and not having enough time or energy to sort it. A lot of my work involves sorting toys and children’s clothes.  I also get an immense sense of satisfaction helping people with their paperwork and working with them to implement efficient systems and routines to keep it in order.   Paperwork is something that doesn’t generally get messed up by children so stays sorted for longer!

What habits have helped you to be more organised?

It’s the little things, like adopting good routines, which have made the biggest differences in helping me and my own family be more organised.   For example, I insist that everyone puts their coats on the coat hook and shoes on the rack when they come home.  (They don’t always remember, so I sometimes have to tidy up after the children, but the routine is mostly there). We have a bowl for our keys by the front door so we know where they are when we go out again!

I always carry my diary and notebook with me and write things down as I think of them or as soon as I make appointments.   We have a perpetual shopping list on the fridge, so we add things to it as soon as something runs out.  No more forgotten ingredients!

One of my mantras is “Everything in a home should have a home”. I am passionate about making sure things are put away in their proper place as soon as they are not needed.   Where possible I try to tidy and re-set at the end of one day to be ready for the next.  I find a day starts so much more positively if yesterday’s mess has been cleared away.

You’re a professional organiser – does that mean you live in a perfectly organised, neat-as-a-pin home?

I wish!  I live with a not-so-tidy husband, two children (aged 7 and 11) and two cats.  Some days it is more ordered than others and it is never as tidy as I would like it to be, but I do know where things are, and I do have efficient systems (I just wish everyone else in the family was as passionate as me about following them!)  My daughter’s room is definitely the worst and she’s not even a teenager yet!  Unfortunately, she hasn’t inherited my tidy gene!  At the end of the day, our house is a lived-in home and not a show home.

apdo blog family organising decluttering

What prompted you to set up your business?

Pre-children I spent 10+ years organising corporate events and loved the challenge of juggling lots of projects and relished the fact that no two days were the same.  After having my children, I decided not to return to the events world, mainly because I couldn’t travel and be away from the family for long periods of time.  I therefore wanted to find a job, ideally my own business, which would allow me to work flexibly and utilise my organisational skills.   Having worked in the corporate sector for large companies, I often found it hard to see where I was adding value so wanted to be able to make a tangible difference with what I did next.   I came across APDO and learnt more about the decluttering industry… and the rest, as they say, is history!   I knew this line of work would suit my skill set and more importantly my work would really make a visible difference in people’s lives.  Working for myself means I have lots of flexibility and I love what I do.  In some ways it is like what I did before, as I work with lots of different people, and no two days are the same.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your business?

There have been so many challenges, as I would have expected in changing careers and setting up my own business. The first was overcoming the fear of failing, stepping out and taking a risk to try something new.  I am so glad that I did step out!  One of the biggest challenges I am facing as a small business is building my brand and finding clients in what is still a relatively young industry.  However, I am relishing the challenge of being creative, finding new places to leave my flyers, write blogs, post on social media and talk to everyone and anyone that I come across about my business.  In the past, I would have described myself as an introvert rather than an extrovert, so having to promote and sell myself has certainly forced me to step out of my comfort zone.   A challenge that I am enjoying!

When you are going to a client, what essentials are in your organising bag?

  • Black rubbish bags, blue bags for recycling and clear strong bags for charity shop drops
  • Labels, marker pens, elastic bands, scissors and paperclips
  • Examples of files for organising paperwork – e.g. clear wallets, document files
  • IKEA/Lakeland catalogues for storage examples
  • Rubber gloves
  • Caffeine free tea bags
  • Snacks, such as nuts and a banana. Clients often bring out the cakes and biscuits but because I am Gluten Free I prefer to bring my own
  • Water – it’s very thirsty work!
  • Thick socks, as I normally take my shoes off; they keep my feet warm!

What’s the most touching thing a client has ever said to you?

I think this is one of the best testimonials I have received.   It was so satisfying to be appreciated.

“I really can’t praise Sarah highly enough. My flat was a complete nightmare with mess beyond description! I had arranged for a friend to come and help me, but was so embarrassed by how ghastly it looked, that I felt I had to find a professional declutterer. From the minute I met Sarah, I felt at ease and comfortable and didn’t for one second feel she judged my chaotic home. I didn’t know where to start as I was completely overwhelmed by it all, but Sarah came up with ideas that made complete sense. I am absolutely amazed by how much we have already done in a short space of time and completely delighted with seeing space again! Sarah is just really good at the job – organised, calm, warm, non-judgemental, helpful. She has a knack of encouraging me to get rid of things without in any way pressuring me. It is a huge relief to have found someone who can get me back to having a home again. Thank you, Sarah!”

NOW interview Sarah Owen decluttered organised hallway

What’s the best outcome you’ve seen?

I’ve been working with a client for quite some time now and we have decluttered their entire three-bedroom home. We are on the final room, the study, and we still have a bit more work to do, but we are nearly there. We have methodically worked through each room and cleared away years of stuff which is no longer needed.   The house is safe to live in and the client is proud to call it home again.  After several years of not being able to invite friends back, this client can now have guests.  As well as clearing out the unwanted things, we have implemented new systems and routines to stop the clutter accumulating again.  The client has grown in confidence and feels in control of their life again.  Such an amazing achievement for the client and a huge sense of satisfaction for me that I have been able to support them on this journey.

Who’s your dream client? Who do you most like to help?

This is a really good question!  I guess my flippant answer would be “my dream client would live in a really nice house and just around the corner!”   In reality, I don’t have a “dream client” – I just want to help and support people who are struggling to get organised by themselves.  I aim to help people regardless of their background or current situation and want to make a very real difference to my clients’ lives.   It is always rewarding to be appreciated and to be told that you are making a difference.

What’s your top tip to share?

When organising, tidying or decluttering, I would say little and often is the key to keeping on top of things.  Try not to let things pile up so that they become unmanageable and overwhelming.    If things however do pile up, then tackle small areas at a time and celebrate what you have managed to clear; don’t give up on your goals for a more manageable home.  Big journeys start with small steps and the destination of a calm and clutter free environment is most definitely worth pursuing.


If this week’s interviews have inspired you to pursue a career as a professional organiser,you can find out more about the benefits of joining APDO here..
Or if you’d like some help to get organised at home you can find your nearest organiser here.

You can read the rest of this week’s series of interviews with some of our professional organisers here on the APDO blog!

APDO National Organising Week 2018

APDO Marie Bateson decluttering organising

Interview with a Professional Organiser: Marie Bateson

This National Organising Week, APDO is showcasing seven of our members – one each day throughout the week – to give a real insight into the life of a professional organiser, and their challenges, successes and motivations. Today’s interview, our penultimate in this week’s series, is with Marie Bateson of Cut The Clutter in Preston. Marie tells us about her love of organising, and how she has turned it into a business.

Marie Bateson of Cut The Clutter

What does being organised mean to you? What does being organised look like?

A great question as it made me consider it deeply. The first part, what does organised look like, is obviously different to different people. In a home it could be something as simple as a wall chart showing appointments or, at the other extreme, completely neat and tidy rooms. Some would say tidiness is not a prerequisite of being organised and I agree with this to a point. Having an organised mind, which is not visible, is closer to my idea of what organised means. If your life, schedules, work and time are in a mess, then nothing is manageable. So to me, being organised starts with, and continues to cover, all areas of our day-to-day living.

What is your favourite thing or area to organise?

My favourite area to organise is the kitchen. I enjoy any space and even paperwork, but I feel clients get a lot from re-organised kitchens.  Things are often spread around instead of being kept together, such as baking ingredients, herbs and spices, and the positioning of working areas often needs a rethink. For example, kettles may be at the opposite end of the kitchen to cups. Everyone keeps stuff in their kitchen cupboards that they will never use and once it’s re-organised clients are visibly delighted.

NOW interview Marie Bateson decluttered organised kitchen

I worked with a lady earlier in the year who is a “buyer” and lives alone. She had many duplicates but hadn’t realised how many due to disorderly spaces e.g. 12 jars of marmalade and nine jars of curry sauce. Over the course of a few weeks we made up six boxes for the local food bank. Both of us got great satisfaction from that and I always suggest it now to other clients with too much food.

You’re a professional organiser – does that mean you live in a perfectly organised, neat-as-a-pin home?

I am very tidy and organised everywhere except my home office. My partner says it’s as if someone else lives in there! As only I use it, I am less bothered, and this indicates that I like people to see my orderly environment. This is interesting, as I hadn’t considered this aspect of my home before! I run out of time regularly and paperwork is the thing that suffers.

What prompted you to set up your business?

I set up my business because of the huge feelings of job satisfaction I get from organising, sorting, staging, dressing and minimalising homes.  This coupled with the good it does for others who need my help.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your business?

The biggest challenge has been, and still is, securing clients. Once I get a client I almost always get repeat business. I have tried lots of methods but, ultimately, they find me.

When you are going to a client, what essentials are in your organising bag/toolkit?

I always carry a plastic box with my essential kit in the boot of my car. It contains bin bags in three colours for sorting (virtually all clients have their own but just in case), scissors, labelling machine, spare batteries, slippers, folding step, bar keepers’ powder, hand sanitizer and my receipt book.

What’s the most memorable collection you’ve seen? (What did you/the client do with them)

A large collection of Durex! Every bag or box I emptied contained a few packets. This was a single, quite reclusive girl and she didn’t seem embarrassed by them – she simply put them all to one side and then took them to her bathroom cupboard.

What’s the most touching thing a client has ever said to you?

The nicest comment I’ve received came from the mother of a client. Her daughter suffers with some mental health issues and I worked with her for a few weeks. Following a couple of sessions her mum said she had never seen her daughter this happy ever!!!

NOW interview Marie Bateson decluttered organised room

Who’s your dream client? Who do you most like to help?

I don’t think we want the dream client as ultimately, they would be so organised after a session that they wouldn’t need us again. Or is that some organisers ideal? It’s a tricky question! I have some “nice to have” traits when considering my ideal client.  For example, they would be decisive, open to suggestions and would work at a good pace. But to me the dream is to make a person’s life better. To help them feel settled and to enjoy their surroundings. Anyone that gets this outcome is a perfect client to me.

What’s your top tip to share?

My top tip is to start small. Clients who are overwhelmed by the chaos benefit from seeing a key area sorted. I look at the situation and assess where they may appreciate and continually see progress. This could be clearing the kitchen table, the surface of the bed or the entrance hall. I encourage them to keep looking at this area which they are now delighted with and remember what it was like. Realistic expectations need to be set early on, for example, that the whole house cannot be done at once – otherwise a client can feel disappointed. Positive endorsement of what has been achieved is key.


If you are considering a career in professional organising like Marie, you can find out more about APDO’s training courses here.
Or if you’d like some help to get organised at home you can find your nearest organiser here.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our final interview in this series of interviews with APDO organisers! You can find yesterday’s interview here.

APDO National Organising Week 2018

APDO Juliette Harding professional organiser

Interview with a Professional Organiser: Juliette Harding

This National Organising Week, APDO is showcasing seven of our members – one each day throughout the week – to give a real insight into the life of a professional organiser, and their challenges, successes and motivations. Today’s interview, our third in the series, is with Juliette Harding of Tulips De-Cluttering Services in North London. Juliette explains how she found her new career in professional organising, and tells us about some of the challenges and successes she has experienced in her business.

Juliette Harding of Tulips De-Cluttering Services

What habits have helped you to be more organised?

I am very particular about things so can’t leave a messy area when working and finish an area I have started working on. Paperwork has to be in date order with the most recent documents on the top.

You’re a professional organiser – does that mean you live in a perfectly organised, neat-as-a-pin home?

Pretty much, although I often have clear outs and find a cupboard/drawer that hasn’t been sorted for a while and will give it a good sort out!

What prompted you to set up your business?

I have always loved organising and sorting, and have done it for friends and family for years. But when my father died and I had to sort out my parents’ home I really struggled when I was on my own, and found it completely overwhelming. Yet if someone else was in the house with me, it felt easier somehow.  It was then that I realised that if someone who loves doing this was struggling, how do people who don’t cope?   Hence the plan to start a business and help people.

NOW interview Juliette Harding decluttered organised

Who has influenced you the most in your organising business?

My colleagues/friends in APDO and other networking groups have been a great support. It’s hard going from the corporate world and being part of a large company to being on your own, so having people who won’t judge you but will support you even if you ask a stupid question is important.  When you first start a business, you don’t know what you don’t know until it comes up.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your business?

I have had three clients who are bi-polar and for some reason find I don’t work well with them/for them, so I now try to avoid bi-polar clients.  I do struggle a bit with severe hoarders but tend to pass them on as they need more mental health support than I am equipped or trained to give them.

What benefits do your clients experience from becoming more organised?

Some haven’t been able to sleep in their own beds (one client hadn’t slept in his bed for seven years) or invite friends and family over without feeling embarrassed.  Organising also helps people to save money, as they don’t have to keep buying things simply because they can’t find them!  It also becomes easier to put things away, as everything has a home.

NOW interview Juliette Harding decluttered organised bedroom

What’s the most touching thing a client has ever said to you?

“Thank you!”  This was the client mentioned above. We had been working together for several months and finally I got to his bed, cleared it and put clean bedding on it.  I woke the next morning to a text saying, “Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help me, I slept in my bed for the first time in seven years last night and it was amazing!”  I burst out crying!

What’s the best outcome you’ve ever seen?

I think going back to a client months later and seeing that something you put in place for them is still working. That they are no longer struggling to stay on top of an area in their home (this is mostly related to paperwork).

Who’s your dream client? Who do you most like to help?

My dream client would be someone who is nice – sometimes I enjoy my job so much, I almost feel it’s wrong to be paid!!  Someone who uses me fairly regularly; I have a few clients whom I help with paperwork and that is great as I can plan around them and know I have the work coming up.  I love helping older people who are down-sizing and struggling to make decisions, but these clients are short lived as once they have moved they tend not to need me anymore.

What’s your top tip to share?

If someone is struggling with their “stuff” and trying to do a bit on their own, I tell them to take it slowly, one drawer or area at a time.  When I work with clients I am respectful of their things and treat them as I would want to be treated if someone came into my home and went through my “stuff”.


If you are considering a career in professional organising like Juliette, you can find out more about APDO’s training courses here.
Or if you’d like some help to get organised at home you can find your nearest organiser here.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our fourth interview with an APDO professional organiser! You can find yesterday’s interview here.

APDO National Organising Week 2018

APDO NOW 2018 Donate-a-Day

Kicking off NOW 2018 with GRACE

How long does it take four professional organisers to move 169 boxes from one stockroom to another? As Chloe Howat of Declutter With Chloe and her three team members found out during this National Organising Week (NOW) Donate-A-Day, you can accomplish a lot in an hour!

On the opening day of NOW 2018, Ingrid Jansen of Organise Your House; Sarah Bickers of Free Your Space; Carrie Ottolini – Professional Organiser and Chloë joined forces in South East London to help local charity, GRACE Refugee Aid organise their donation centre.

GRACE Refugee Aid

Created in 2015 in response to the growing refugee crisis, GRACE Refugee Aid sends clothing and essential supplies to those in need along the migration route in Greece and Syria. The Lee-based charity also supports destitute families locally and abroad with much needed clothing, bedding and baby accessories.

GRACE relies on generous donations from the local community, as well as an army of volunteers to sort and distribute donated clothing, shoes and more. But as GRACE founder Claire explained, “We’ve been in a state of disorganisation as core volunteers have been away over the last few months. We need help to put us back together again.” Time to call in the professionals.

APDO NOW 2018 Donate-a-Day Before

GRACE Refugee Aid: Before

The Donate-a-Day

During this Donate-A-Day, masterminded by former APDO President Ingrid Jansen, the team of four set out to improve GRACE’s stockroom efficiency by rethinking its layout and relocating clothing and footwear sorting stations. The often-neglected shoe racks were moved to a more prominent position to ensure they were given the attention needed to prepare them for shipping, and all donation boxes ready for collection were brought to the back of the building by the loading bay.

After four hours of heavy-lifting and a helping hand from GRACE volunteer Tara, the APDO team had created a more organised and efficient system for sorting donations. And we’re pleased to report ‘the client’ was equally thrilled with the results. Claire said, “It’s been absolutely fantastic having four APDO members helping out and getting us ready for our next shipment. I can’t say how grateful I am.”

APDO NOW 2018 Donate-a-Day After

GRACE Refugee Aid: After

And what did our APDO members make of the day?

“I fully support Donate-A-Day because it’s important for us as professional organisers to give back. We have such special skills that we can share with others. We donate a lot to charity shops thanks to our clients but to be able to donate our time and skills is really important too. And GRACE Refugee Aid couldn’t be a more worthy cause to support”, said Ingrid.

Chloë added, “It never ceases to amaze me what APDO members can achieve when we work together, especially when we’re motivated by such a valuable and essential cause. In just a few short hours, GRACE’s stockroom became a functional space with a defined system for sorting donations.”

“Being new to the professional organising industry and seeing the time and effort given during Donate-A-Day by professional organisers is amazing. I was thrilled to be involved, we made such a huge difference to the organisational systems used at GRACE.  I feel proud to be part of such great association, helping others to get organised during National Organising Week”, said Carrie.

Sarah added, “During National Organising Week we focus on the organising element of our job as opposed to the decluttering we are usually better known for. Doing a Donate-A-Day with a charity is an incredibly rewarding challenge for everyone involved. This is the third year of Donate-A-Day and I can’t recommend it enough – it’s wonderful to be a part of something like this”.

APDO N2018 Donate-a-Day group

National Organising Week

A huge thank you to Ingrid, Sarah, Carrie and Chloë for donating their time during NOW 2018. And keep your eyes peeled for more Donate-A-Day action throughout the week from professional organisers across the country, as well as professional tips and tricks to help you get organised, and a series of daily interviews with professional organisers from around the UK.

You can read more about APDO members’ activity this National Organising Week on the blog. And if this has inspired you to get more organised this NOW2018, you can find your local professional organiser here.



APDO Heather Tingle National Organising Week

Interview with a Professional Organiser: Heather Tingle

This National Organising Week, APDO is showcasing seven of our members – one each day throughout the week – to give a real insight into the life of a professional organiser, their challenges, successes and motivations. Today is our first interview, and Heather Tingle of Untangled by Tingle in Sheffield explains how her “naturally messy” ways brought her to a new career as a successful and supportive professional organiser.

Heather Tingle of Untangled by Tingle

What does being organised mean to you? What does being organised look like?

For me it’s a feeling of being in control, of being able to be proactive, rather than reactive. It looks like a home to relax in rather than a home to be ashamed of or stressed out by.

What is your favourite thing or area to organise?

I love organising clothes. I adore turning “floordrobes” into organised spaces where clients rediscover items they have bought but have forgotten about.  It’s wonderful to hear them say goodbye to clothes that don’t fit and just stay in the wardrobe and make them feel bad. The best bit is that a decluttered and organised clothing space impacts on a client in such a positive way. The thrill when they wake up in the morning and can get their hands on clothes perfect for their day, through to saving time getting ready, or the bonus of less time spent sorting laundry: a decluttered wardrobe is a simple process which reaps so many rewards.

apdo organised decluttered wardrobe

What habits have helped you to be more organised?

I love the “60 Second Rule”: if it takes 60 seconds to do when I see it needs doing, I do it.  Whether it’s putting something away, washing a cup or picking something up off the floor these little things make a difference to a tidy, clean home staying that way.

You’re a professional organiser – does that mean that you have a perfectly tidy, neat-as-a-pin home?

Oh, not a chance! I have two dogs, two cats and a crazy eight year-old, plus I’m a naturally messy person too. I may be a professional organiser, but I’m not naturally organised like many of my colleagues! The way I work is that as I’m naturally messy I know what strategies really work to keep my home organised.  As my home is now clutter-free it does get untidy but, unlike before I decluttered, it now takes minutes to get it back to ‘reset point’ each evening (when it’s fabulously clean and tidy with everything back in its place) as opposed to the weeks it would have taken before (and lots of things hidden in unused rooms or thrown into cupboards).

What prompted you to set up your business?

I used to be a hoarder, but then I learned to declutter using the KonMari method and never looked back.  I found it had such a massive impact on my life that I couldn’t stop talking about it!  That turned into me advising friends, family and clients in my shop, and then I became known as the ‘decluttering lady’.  I then discovered APDO and it just seemed like the perfect fit – a way to help others go through similar transformations.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your business?

To be honest I’ve never really had to face anything that’s fazed me. The biggest challenge I had was after my first-ever full day kitchen decluttering session.  I must’ve done so many squats without realising that the next day I really struggled to walk down stairs!

APDO decluttered organised kitchen

What benefits do your clients experience from becoming more organised?

There are just so many! Regardless of the client, the one phrase that is usually mentioned is that they feel ‘lighter’. Clutter becomes a weight which you don’t realise is on you until that weight is lifted away. Clients find they save time and money by decluttering. Many clients I’ve worked with have found their lives transformed.  Clients with mental health issues find that decluttering, although emotional at the time, is cathartic and can help with anxiety and depression in many cases.

When you are going to a client, what essentials are in your organising bag/toolkit?

I love my IKEA blue bags and drawer dividers for sorting things. There are always Sharpie markers and labels, Post-It notes and a ‘to-do’ list… and a letter opener comes in handy when doing a paperwork session. A bottle of water is essential too – it’s thirsty work decluttering!

What’s the best outcome you’ve ever seen?

For me it was being privileged to be the first person in a client’s home in 30 years, and by the time I finished working with the client they said they were going to invite their friends over as they’d never been able to before. We went from struggling to get in to the home, to having space to move around freely and a client no longer ashamed of how they were living. That filled my heart with absolute joy.

Who’s your dream client? Who do you most like to help?

For me it gives me the most job satisfaction when a client hoards but is ready to let go and start their journey of decluttering.  I love leaving a client in a home full of hope, and all organised – the same home I walked into, but seen by the client in a whole different light by the time I leave. It’s wonderful to see clients no longer ashamed, and they have hope back that their home and life can be different to how it has always been in the past.  They realise that the home they dreamed of can actually happen, they just needed the right support and strategies.

If Heather’s interview has inspired you to pursue a career as a professional organiser,you can find out more about the benefits of joining APDO here..
Or if you’d like some help to get organised at home you can find your nearest organiser here.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our second interview with an APDO professional organiser!

APDO National Organising Week 2018

Dress for Success Donate a Day

“Donate a Day” to Charity


Dress for Souccess APDO log

This guest post is provided by Katherine Blackler (SortMySpace Ltd) who covers London and the South East. She talks fondly of turning her vision to help a worthwhile cause into reality for NOW National Organising Week 2016.

A brand-new initiative for NOW 2016 last November saw six hardy APDO members donate a days work to the charity Dress for Success Greater London to celebrate the benefits of getting organised NOW.

Dress for Success is a global charity that empowers women who have fallen on hard times by providing them with a network of support, professional attire and the developmental tools to thrive. The ultimate aim is for women to achieve economic independence. Women are trained and prepared for interviews and, on getting work provided with a free capsule wardrobe and ongoing support.

Katherine Blackler (SortMySpace Ltd) had the idea of APDO members volunteering as a team, and five other APDO members jumped at the chance to lend their time and expertise. ‘We initially reached out to this charity to support them, as we  could see obvious synergies between APDO members decluttering surplus clothing in our clients wardrobes and DfS kitting out women to face the corporate world. However,once we arrived onsite and saw the extent of their inventory, we realised that what they needed more than anything else was volunteer time, organisational experience and cash to reach the women who need them most! Even after our visit that need still applies’

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The Dress for Success Greater London branch had moved premises during October and were still overwhelmed, with over 300 boxes of clothes, shoes and accessories filling their new East London stock room to the ceiling. Fionnuala Shannon, Director of Operations & Programmes at DfS Greater London, had been delighted at the offer of some assistance from APDO

‘We receive generous donations of end of season clothing from high street retailers including Next, Eileen Fisher, Marks and Spencer, Mulberry, Viyajiyu and JD Williams but were struggling to deliver our usual professional service to our clients from our new HQ. We loved the vibrancy that the APDO team brought that day; now we can quickly find any surplus stock items to sell in our monthly sales to the general public, which raises more funds for DfS Greater London’

Nancy DeBroka (The Zen Home), Julie Stevens (Younique Designs Ltd), Sarah Bickers (Free Your Space), Caroline Rogers (Room To Think) and Ingrid Jansen (Organise Your House) joined Katherine to blitz the stockroom on 8 November. In order to maximise the teams contribution on the day, Katherine had spent an evening with Sheila Nilsson, DfS Greater London’s Boutique and Volunteers Manager, measuring and designing the new layout and checking shelving inventory. Nancy had organised APDO branded T-shirts and aprons to reflect the teamwork and camaraderie of the UK’s industry organising experts. We all admitted that with six independent organisers in a small room there was potential for clashes of opinions on how to get the job done, but it was heart-warming to see how we all pulled together,

Ingrid explains ‘Being natural organisers, each of us spotted what they could do next and simply took on a role to keep us moving forwards. I was so proud to see my members working in harmony together like this, and for such a great cause. I’d love to do something like this every year, and to see similar charity events happen across the UK for NOW 2017.

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In the spirit of such collaboration, Julie took on the role of our social media onsite rep, liaising with Kate Ibbotson (A Tidy Mind & APDO Head of PR & Social Media) and running Facebook Live videos during the day. Caroline volunteered for the less enviable task of opening, identifying and labelling all the ‘magical mystery’ boxes we’d had to drag outside in the cold. This gave Sarah the space inside to become such an expert at building clothing racks that she could nail a round of Crystal Maze blindfolded if that task arose! Caroline and Sarah then organised and re-packed the shed with all their surplus stock – a real Tetris task! Nancy single-handedly matched and arranged over 100 pairs of shoes on the racks she’d just built. Meanwhile Ingrid freed the kitchen of clothing as early as possible to keep us all easily refreshed, and kept us on track in order to have cleared everything from the outside courtyard before dusk fell. And Katherine, having done so well to pull the day and the team together somehow managed to get squished between two racks of clothes as they were enthusiastically moved to their new location on the floor plan she’d designed!


As you can probably tell, we all had a great giggle and thoroughly enjoyed working together. As Sarah said, ‘Most of us usually work solo with our clients so this was a great opportunity to feel a part of something bigger, to get to know some APDO members more personally, and to do something really productive and worthwhile at the same time.’ Caroline reflected that the day was ‘typical of my own experience of working in the voluntary sector where organisations are often under resourced. It felt very worthwhile to give our time to a place where it was so valued and relevant.

And Dress for Success Greater London are still enjoying the experience too emailing us with this afterwards:

‘I wanted to say a big Thank You to your wonderful organisation, APDO. You have certainly allowed us to be more functional and practical, which saves us time, energy and frustration when looking for items for our clients.  Who would have believed when you all came to sort our space, declutter and organise our storage room that you would have achieved this in five hours? You are all truly amazing and we are very grateful to APDO for making Dress for Success a de-cluttered success’!
Sheila Nilsson
*Boutique and Volunteer Manager*

There really is no task which APDO members find too overwhelming. They simply want to help you make positive change to your space. If you would benefit from their expertise, find an organiser near you. Or if you’re a natural organiser, find out more about joining APDO and our training opportunities.