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Make Working From Home Work For You.

Today, the increased frequency of flexible working means more and more of us are working from home. Among the many benefits to this, there are certain challenges. What should your home work-space look and feel like? Zoë Short shares her thoughts on home working. 

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Having a space of your own, a space for you to hang out with your business should be at the top of your priorities. Why?

Number One: It gives you and your business a work ethic.

Going to your workspace will tell your brain that it is time to get to work. Pitching up on the dining room table, on the edge of the bed or on your lap in the lounge will not give your brain the same signals. Don’t get me wrong, working outside or in a coffee shop is a perk of being your own boss but you will need to do some work with what you need to hand. Having this space will help with your time management and mindset.

Number Two: It defines boundaries

Having clear boundaries in place is helpful for you and those you live with. When you are in your workspace you are working and it’s that simple.

Number Three: Being organised = being professional

If you have a workspace you will be more organized, in control and make more money (and who doesn’t want to do that?). You will be proactive instead of reactive and less likely to miss opportunities. You will pay bills on time and keep track of what is coming and more importantly going out of your bank account.

I work with clients who run their business(s) from home and they contact me because they get to the point when they are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. I will help them get back on track but prevention is always better than cure and starting with a desk and some simple filing solutions will pay dividends.

People from all walks of life work with professional organisers. They can step in during times of disarray or stress. They can help with house moves, downsizing or changes in circumstances. Or perhaps you have always wanted a calmer, more organised home but have never known how to achieve it. Find an organiser near you.