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    Stelios Kiosses is the Clinical Lead for Dementech Neurosciences and a research collaborator with The Computational Psychopathology Research Group based at the University of Oxford. He is a graduate from the University of Oxford in Psychodynamic Counselling and Clinical Supervision. He was originally trained as an Experimental Psychologist at Sussex University under the supervision of Professor Stuart Sutherland and continued his training as an integrative Psychotherapist and Human Factors specialist from the University of Birmingham. Stelios is a visiting lecturer at Goldsmiths College University of London and was originally appointed as an honorary senior lecturer at the department of Psychiatry University of Birmingham on the MSc in Psychiatry (Family and Mental Health). He has acted as a TV Psychologist and Presenter for Channel 4 Television (The Hoarder Next Door) and is currently involved with several other TV and radio projects. He is also a faculty member of ESAG (European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology), and works in developing research and therapeutic models in understanding the psychological factors that influence cosmetic and aesthetic gynaecology such as Body Dysmorphia. He has acted a senior researcher associate at King’s College collaborating with the Neurodegeneration Imaging Group for the application of complex behavioural experiments in functional and molecular neuroimaging studies. He is a Patron of the Princes School of Traditional Arts one of HRH Prince of Wales core charities.

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