Spring Clearing Week 2022 took place from 21 – 27 March.


Launched in 2018, Spring Clearing Week is APDO’s annual initiative to help the UK to declutter. APDO’s members across the UK and beyond will be advising and encouraging you to clear your home and spaces to create a calmer environment. Over the last two year’s our physical and mental health have become more important than ever so this year we really want to help you to look more closely at the spaces you inhabit, how they make you feel and what benefits you can gain from clearing any clutter that does not serve you.


Why Spring Clearing?

Springtime is a time of renewal and growth; the days are getting longer and many of us enjoy an increase in energy levels and have a spring in our step! It’s a great chance to take stock of what you want to do and achieve in the coming year. It’s a good time to focus on whether your environment is really helping you to achieve any goalsyou may have set since the beginning of the year and now when so many of us find ourselves at home more and more, a review of our immediate environment will be more valuable than ever.


What is happening?

We want to reach as many of you as possible so the campaign is online and you will find lots of information, tips, guidance and more across our website and social channels.

It will include:

· Social media ‘let’s go viral’ campaign

· Clear for calm challenge

· Practical and useful tips from our members

· Features in newspapers and magazines

· Blogs throughout the week from our APDO members

· Interviews with our members on ways to create a calm space


Recommended Hashtags For Spring Clearing Week 2022

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How do APDO members help?

The task of tackling clutter on your own often feels overwhelming. Our experts can work alongside you to help clear a path through the clutter and the stress it causes, leading to a calmer life and home.

A professional organiser can suggest ways of making the most of the space you have. They can also help you set up systems to enable you to find everything you need, so that in the future, you’ll find it easier to control your clutter.

APDO members have helped thousands of people all over the country save time and money by sorting out their stuff. Find inspiration and motivation via the guest blogs on our News & Media page or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Spring Clearing Week aims to inspire people to think about the clutter they are living with and encourage them to take action: the idea is to clear before you clean. For support, guidance and motivation with your spring clearing during this special week (and, indeed, all year round!) get in touch with an organiser near you.

Looking back at recent Spring Clearing Weeks

APDO Members in Action

APDO members across the UK will be celebrating Spring Clearing Week by running workshops, giving talks and sharing special offers. That’s alongside all their regular work decluttering and organising homes and work-spaces up and down the country!

In The Media

Our members are frequently interviewed in the media and keen to share the benefits of a good spring clear with a wider audience. For an APDO spokesperson, please contact us on press@apdo.co.uk and for regional press opportunities you can find your local organiser here


The APDO blog contains a wealth of advice to motivate and inspire your #SpringClearing! You will also find us sharing our collective wisdom and experience as guest bloggers for other organisations, providing motivation and inspiration on all aspects of decluttering and clearing the decks this springtime.

Online Tips

Follow APDO via their News & Media page or social media on TwitterFacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and YouTube during the week using hashtag #SpringClearingWeek

"I get a strange burst of energy as the clocks change and want to embrace the onset of spring! Sorting my home out gives that new lease of life!"

"There's that feeling of freedom when you cast off the winter clothes and bring the new season's ones out"

"I want to say a big thank you to your wonderful organisation from everyone at Dress for Success for donating five of your brilliant members to lend a hand in our stockroom!"

Spring Clearing Week FAQ

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