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  • Biography

    Rivka is the author of 'From Frazzled to Focused’ which was listed on the New York Times parenting blog @motherlode as a Top Ten ‘must read’ for parents. She also created the ‘Focus Finder’ planner pad. Since earning her Masters in Psychology, Rivka has taught hundreds of the busiest people on the universe how to make more time for what they love. Rivka loves relationship between time management and Positive Psychology, and firmly believes that it takes more effort to be disorganised that it does to be organised. Rivka hails from Essex, England and practices what she preaches (most of the time) as a co-director of a Jewish Centre in Key Biscayne, Florida mother of seven.

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  • Organising the Disorganised Family

    This session leads the audience through a variety of real life 'before and after' examples of simple yet effective solutions for organising families. Seeing as I am a Mum of 7 I bring the topics to life by bringing real examples from my clients or my so-not-perfect life.

    The main points covered are:
    > Statistics, research and case studies showing the life-work burden most parents are under
    > How most families yearn for the old style predictability of stable home life but don't know how to 'actionise' it.
    > How to actively listen to what your client isn't saying

    I will discuss the importance of going back to basics and the classic 10 'predictable and boring' systems families need:
    > Meal plans
    > Shopping plans
    > Laundry plans
    > A morning plan
    > A clear and clean home
    > A way for children to communicate homework deadlines
    > A way for children to communicate necessary school supplies
    > Parent CEO time
    > Evening schedule
    > Quality time with children

    Finally, I will show you how to create measures to make sure the systems you create are effective yet simple and sustainable.

    Organising for the older generation

    We all have worked with or are related to(!) women over 65 who grew up with nothingm worked hard together with their husband to change that and now cannot bear to give anything away, so actually don't enjoy being in their home at all. This population needs to learn the vital different between living with 'just in case' to 'just enough'. This talk has plenty of humour in it from the case studies I have worked on.

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