Help For Hoarders

What other help may be available to hoarders?

Some practical advice for friends and family

What to do now

We have members who are experts at helping hoarders and can provide the services required to get the job done. Sometimes they need to work with individual hoarders over a long period of time because it can be a slow and delicate process. When decluttering a very cluttered home, many people feel a sense of relief as the clutter diminishes but, without sensitive support, hoarders can find decluttering very painful. Clearing space too quickly can cause more harm than good.

If you need advice on hoarding, or want to find out more about how APDO can help, please search our website for further information or use our directory to find your nearest professional organiser.

Other useful information

Hoarding UK: a charity for people affected by hoarding behaviours

Hoarding: article by Mind

Help for Hoarders: a charity for people affected by hoarding behaviours

Psychological Perspective on Hoarding (British Psychological Society)

Understanding Hoarding: a book by Jo Cooke (member of APDO)

Clutter Image Rating Scale: a visual scale to assess hoarding

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