National Organising Week – 2-8 November 2020

APDO celebrates 16 years of bringing order to life on 2 November 2020! this year, National Organising Week will focus on how to be more organised in the home and how to make our home as functional as possible.

Now more than ever as we continue to live with Covid19, our homes have become even more important.  Many of us are spending more time at home and likely to be using the space differently: as a shelter, a work or study location, a reduced socialising space and more. Being organised has become a key skill for everyone to develop and make the most of the current challenges.

Media Press Release for NOW2020


Please find below the 7 themes we will be focusing this upcoming NOW:

Monday: Where do I start?

We all know getting started is often the hardest part so we’ll be collating our best tips in a blog to kick start NOW2020. Using images submitted by the public in advance, our members will give their tips on APDO’s social media channels on how to get started with organising your home.

If you’d like to participate and have your home addressed please complete this form by midnight 23 October and remember to email the accompanying image over.


Tuesday:  ‘Organising your home for the current times’ 

Covid19 is presenting unique challenges for all of us with an ever-evolving lifestyle and guidelines to follow. One of our members Rosie Barron (The tidy Coo) will be blogging about her recommendations and APDO members will be sharing their experiences via our social media channels.


Wednesday: Show us your workspace!

Many of us have been adapting our homes to provide workspaces for us, our partners, and our children. We’ll be showing you where we’ve set up for home working or studying so you can see if any ideas would suit your environment too.


Thursday: Top 10 organising products… as recommended by APDO professional organisers

We’ll be blogging about our favourite organising products. Whether bought, thrifted, or repurposed from things that we can find around our homes – find out what APDO professional organisers couldn’t organise without! Get involved with the conversations on APDO’s social media channels about what works and why!


Friday: What’s in an organiser’s toolkit?

Ever wondered what a professional organiser’s toolkit looks like? We’ll be sharing our firm favourites for helping organise our clients’ spaces.  Chip into the conversations on APDO’s social media channels!


Saturday: How do I get other household members on board?

We’ve all been there… we want to get more organised, but the rest of the household is struggling to engage. Find out what APDO’s professional organisers recommend when you find yourself with resistance from other household members


Sunday: Virtual Organising Case Studies
We’ll be introducing three APDO organisers in today’s blog post to demonstrate how virtual organising works, and how it could work for you. Find out who is offering virtual services by using our Find An Organiser and selecting Virtual Services as a specialism


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The aim is that NOW will inspire people to think about the clutter they are living with and take action to do something about it. Of course, APDO members provide one to one support all year round so if this is what you need, find a local organiser here.

Why NOW?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter, you’re not alone. APDO was set up 2004 in response to a growing nationwide interest in clutter-free living. But the tide of clutter has grown and today organising experts are busier than ever before.

The idea for NOW came about in 2014 whilst celebrating 10 years since APDO was founded – members wanted to raise awareness about the benefits of being organised. When clutter is clogging up your home it creates a mental muddle too. Clear it out and you’ll not only have more physical space but you’ll lift an emotional load off your mind at the same time – plus you’ll save yourself all that time you currently spend looking for things you can’t find!

November was selected in order to enable you to declutter and organise before the end of the year and to begin the new one with more focus and clarity.

National Organising Week

Donate a Day To Charity

Donate a Day is a brilliant initiative started in 2016. It gives APDO members the opportunity to volunteer their time and expertise to a worthy charity.

"Having a designated National Organising Week gave me the impetus I needed to undertake some tasks I'd been procrastinating over - like sorting the cupboard under the stairs!"

"Thank you APDO for organising the NOW Twitter Chat. It was such a buzz to chat with professional organisers and get their hints and tips"

"I want to say a big thank you to your wonderful organisation from everyone at Dress for Success for donating five of your brilliant members to lend a hand in our stockroom!"


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