APDO’s mentoring scheme is available to all members, but is especially valuable to those in the first months of business or those struggling to focus on their business development. APDO also offer consultation calls to non-members who are interested in starting a career in professional organising but want to carry out market research first.

An experienced professional organiser from within our Board offers support, guidance and expertise and acts as a sounding board for any of your ideas. Calls by phone/skype last one hour and are scheduled at times that are mutually convenient.

Mentoring and consultation calls have proved hugely popular within members and non-members alike.

Fees for APDO members are £60 per call and for non-members the fee is £75, both inclusive of 20% VAT.

Topics discussed include:


Benefits of joining Your business listing

How to ensure your profile stands out on 'Find an Organiser'

Benefits of joining Website

Your website is your most vital marketing tool. How can it be improved?

Benefits of joining Marketing and social media

How to market your services - what works and what doesn't

Benefits of joining Media opportunities

How to promote your business on radio and TV, or in newspaper and magazines

Benefits of joining Training

How could you benefit from APDO training courses

Benefits of joining Pricing and payments

How to set and manage your pricing and payment policies

Benefits of joining Decluttering process

How to carry out an effective declutter and what equipment to use


“I have always loved organising things and had heard recently that was a whole industry out there doing what I love and getting paid for it. I took the opportunity to have a consultation call with someone from the APDO team and they explained fully what to expect, what kinds of clients used the service and the pros and cons of becoming a Professional Organiser. The best market research I could have done. Money well spent!"


"I had so many ideas going around in my head I was lacking focus. I booked a mentoring call and it was so helpful for me to pick the brains of someone who has worked successfully in the organising industry. I now have the focus and motivation to drive my business forward.”

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