Spring Clearing Week 2021 Press Release




APDO Launches “Spring Clearing Week” (22-28 March 2021)



The UK’s leading professional organising body is launching its annual “Spring Clearing Week” with a strong Making Clutter Count message for 2021.

APDO The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers – is encouraging people to think about the items they have in the home or workplace to see what they could “spring clear” and make space. This year’s emphasis explores constructive avenues for your clutter including where to donate, sell, recycle, or ditch.

APDO President, Katherine Blackler said: “Each Spring we encourage people to review and let go of any belongings that they no longer need. For 2021 we want to highlight the numerous ways you can move your stuff on to have a new lease of life and thus Make your Clutter Count – financially, environmentally, or altruistically. As well providing tips and tricks in blogs posts and social media platforms, we’ll be running free virtual workshops for the public.

Our members will be challenging the UK to join us on a #APDOClutterChallenge. Using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook we’ll be pledging to let go of our surplus to a worthy cause and nominating friends, family and followers to follow suit. We’d love to see social media channels awash with pledges and further nominations to Make our Clutter Count quantitatively too.” 

She went on to say: “This year, more than ever, many of us have experienced frustration and challenges with the spaces we live and work in. As professional organisers and declutterers, we can help you address and overcome those stumbling blocks. Spring Clearing Week is the perfect time to stocktake what’s working and what isn’t within our immediate environments and acknowledge the new ways we’re now using our spaces. Let’s see what’s no longer serving you and we’ll guide you where and how to move it onwards.”

APDO is raising the profile of the work its members do across the UK to enable people to live happier lives through simplification and order. Its members support clients experiencing situational disorganisation (e.g. bereavement, new baby, house move, illness and also adjusting to working or schooling from home) through to chronic disorganisation (e.g. ongoing challenges with one’s ability to organise which could include clients with ADHD, bi-polar and hoarding disorder). 

Katherine Blackler is available for radio and TV interviews throughout Spring Clearing Week. APDO has members across the UK and abroad if you are looking for a regional contact.

Please do get in touch if you can see an opportunity to collaborate. 

Katherine Blackler
APDO President
07914 612531




Notes to editors: 

APDO was formed in 2004 and currently has close to 400 members nationwide. It’s a not-for-profit membership body that sets standards, provides professional development, and supports the growth of the industry. Each member either runs their own decluttering and organising business or works for such a business, has insurance and adheres to APDO’s Code of Ethics as part of their membership requirements.

The APDO online directory helps clients find a local organiser. APDO organisers can team up with clients both virtually and physically (following local government guidelines). APDO also provides training courses for professional organisers (now available virtually).

For more information about APDO please go to www.apdo.co.uk or contact press@apdo.co.uk




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