Manage My Membership

Manage My Membership

Upgrading your membership

If you have recently joined us, you are likely to be a provisional member. In order to have a public listing on our Find an Organiser page, you will need to upgrade your membership from Provisional to Full, International or Colleague. Our Conditions of Membership including information about compliance and insurance can be found in our Resource Hub. All compliance information should be uploaded on the Edit My Profile page in order to upgrade. This process must be completed within six months of joining. If for any reason, you are not ready to become a full member, please contact us to discuss.

Editing your profile

All relevant information about you and your business will be displayed on our Find an Organiser page. You can upload a business description, photograph, logo, client testimonials, add your social media links and choose a postcode from which to base your business. In addition, you will be able to upload the documentation needed for APDO Compliance. Please visit the various sections on the Resource Hub for further information.

Renewals for existing members

When your membership is due for annual renewal you will automatically be alerted at various intervals prior to your renewal date. You will need to demonstrate your continued compliance by updating the compliance section on Edit My Profile with current documentation and pay the relevant annual membership fee.

Social Media and Communication

You’re invited to communicate with fellow APDO members in many ways:

Our closed (members-only) Facebook group

Please also ‘like’ and follow our public Facebook page

Follow us on Twitter @apdouk and use the #apdouk hashtag for a RT

Follow us on Pinterest

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