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    I'm a certified coach, professional organiser, author and study skills consultant, based in London. An Oxford graduate, I've worked for more than 20 years as a university lecturer and have run my business JLPCoach since 2008. I lead workshops in community and corporate settings to promote time management and organising skills, and coach adults and teens to overcome procrastination and perfectionism. I also combine life coaching and decluttering, helping busy people to shift habits as well as surplus stuff. I'm proud to be a board member and head of training for APDO.

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  • Better Done Than Perfect: How to motivate our clients and ourselves to overcome perfectionism

    An interactive workshop for experienced POs (ideally at least 2 years' experience).

    Do you work with clients who are held up by perfectionist tendencies?

    Is perfectionism getting in the way of your own personal or professional development?

    This session explores the relationship between perfectionism and productivity – for our clients and for ourselves. It draws on social science research as well as case studies of clients of different ages. I’ll suggest ways to recognise the symptoms of perfectionism during initial consultations and while working with clients. And I’ll share practical strategies to motivate and mobilise clients, with an emphasis on shifting habits and creating lasting changes.

    In addition, I’ll encourage you to reflect on how perfectionism might be hindering you and your professional organising business. What vital tasks might you be avoiding and how can you benefit from adopting the motto ‘done is better than perfect’?

    By the end of this session, participants will have a clear understanding of perfectionism and how it limits productivity and organisation. They will gain practical strategies to help clients overcome perfectionism. And they will be given the opportunity to reflect on their own perfectionist tendencies.

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