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Interview with a Professional Organiser: Krista Thompson

This National Organising Week, APDO is showcasing seven of our members – one each day throughout the week – to give a real insight into the life of a professional organiser, and their challenges, successes and motivations. Today’s interview, our fourth in the series, is with Krista Thompson of Zen Den in Oxford. Krista shares her tips for an organised home, and tells us about some of her successes with clients.

Krista Thompson of Zen Den

What does being organised mean to you? What does being organised look like?

Being organised to me means a stress-free space. Things should go where they make the most sense so that you don’t have to go on a hunt to find them when you need them. This keeps maintaining the space so much easier. Often, homes are disorganised and cluttered because putting the item back where it belongs is too much trouble to the person using it. Clutter then builds up and putting everything away becomes a mission, hence, the stress! Organised to me looks like everything has a home that makes sense!

What habits have helped you to be more organised?

It’s easy to make something look organised in nice matching baskets but creating a system that makes sense to the person or people using it is the most helpful. When I moved into the house we’re in now, I made sure that we had real organising systems in our home. We have a good system in the kitchen cupboards, a good laundry routine and a good house map of where everything should go. For example, all the paperwork in our house, whether it be warranties or wedding invitations, go into my office. That way, if we need an important document we know exactly where to look because there’s only one place it could be. After setting up the systems, they’ve been really easy to maintain.

What prompted you to set up your business?

I always knew that I wanted to be self-employed, but I loved organising so much that I didn’t think anyone would possibly ever pay me for it. It’s the classic dream of “do what you love” and it seemed a little too good to be true. When I started looking into it though I realised that I have a skill that some people don’t, and I was so excited to help people get their homes back on track. I discovered APDO and realised that there were so many other amazing people in the UK who were the same as me, and I was inspired to start my own business.

What benefits do your clients experience from becoming more organised?

Each client is different, but I think the overall benefit is that they are less stressed. At the end of every organising project I do, I can almost see a physical weight has lifted off my client’s shoulders. It’s just like any major project you’ve been wanting to get done for ages and then you can scratch it off the to-do list!

NOW interview Krista Thompson decluttered organised sitting room

When you are going to a client, what essentials are in your organising bag/toolkit?

My label maker! I have to bring my label maker to every organising project that I do. Things can still get disorganised after having a professional in if people are just blindly putting things away. Little storage boxes in medicine cabinets, big plastic bins in the loft and binders full of paperwork are the easiest things to get mixed up after a space has been organised. If you label them, people will actually stop to look at what they’re putting away.

What’s the most memorable collection you’ve seen? (What did you/the client do with them)

I had a client who really loved Star Trek and had a huge collection of Star Trek memorabilia. They sold some of the items which they no longer wanted on eBay and we made some space for them to display the ones they really loved in their sitting room. 

What’s the most touching thing a client has ever said to you?

I had one client who has a teenage daughter with autism. During the project, the daughter would often wander into the room and we would have long chats about different things while I was working. My client at the end told me that her daughter doesn’t talk to a lot of strangers and that she was touched she felt comfortable enough to spend so much time with me. That made me feel really great!

What’s the best outcome you’ve ever seen?

I had a client where we did the whole house, from the attic all the way out to the garage. We filled three skips full of junk, sent three car loads of stuff to the charity shop and sold £200 worth of stuff. Their house wasn’t functional when I first went there. You couldn’t sit on the couches in the living room, you couldn’t use the desks in the offices and the extra storage wasn’t even accessible through everything which had piled up in front of it. When I left, it was like a brand-new home!

NOW interview Krista Thompson decluttered organised home

Who’s your dream client? Who do you most like to help?

My dream client is someone who is just moving into a house. I have always loved the bits of moving house that no one else likes, and setting up a home so that organised systems are there from day one is so important. And the clients love the fact that they can just walk into their brand-new home and everything is where it should be without having to lift a finger!

What’s your top tip to share?

My top tip is to get to the root of the problem in your home. If there is a space that’s not working for you, there is definitely a reason why. Stand in the space and go through your usual motions to see where things should really be placed and what you have or may have to buy to facilitate that. If you’re still struggling after that, call in an expert! Professional organisers have seen it all, and we’ll definitely be able to help!


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