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How To Sell A House!

April 2, 2017

When Lynda Howell, the owner of Clutterly Organised in North Wales, was asked to make a house sale-able in two days, she knew what to do… this guest blog post she describes how she did it!

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The Task

Preparing a house to go on the market

The Operation

To make the house look appealing to buyers, so that it is more readily sold.

Time Scale

Two days to prepare for the estate agent to take pictures and two days to sort and declutter cupboards and wardrobes throughout the entire house.

What Happened

I was asked by the mother in law of a past client to travel to North Wales to get her house ready to sell. Her house was very homely and you could feel her warm character in it. However, to make the property easier to sell it was important to make sure the house was not too cluttered; allowing potential buyers the opportunity to project their own personalities, lives and possessions into the property.

It was also important to think about what target audience might be interested in buying the house – would it be a family, or a single person and what about age and gender? We then set about assessing each room, looking at its purpose and what a potential client might use the space for and thereby what the resulting layout should be.

We started at one end of the house, in this case the entrance hall, and systematically decluttered and planned as we went.  We progressed through every room, sometimes moving furniture to more appropriate locations or in some instances, putting away small tables and chairs where they made the room appear too cluttered. We minimised ornaments and tried where possible to create a blank canvas. We placed some of these items in a suitcase which the client could have easy access to giving them the ability to remove and put back as and when she had potential viewings.

It was amazing – once we started decluttering we picked up speed and steamed through each room.

With surfaces decluttered, floors sparkling and having successfully achieved a less personal look we were then joined by a local estate agent who took photographs.  Impressed by the work we had done in such a short time frame – Estate Agent, Tony Owen stated “Clutterly Organised has really worked wonders in making the house the look at its best for photographs.  I am often surprised when people are prepared to drop £10,000 off the cost of their houses because they are not selling, when £500 is maybe all that’s needed to declutter and make it more appealing to buyers”

He went on to say that he recently had two identical bungalows for sale and house buyers wanted to view the well-presented one, not the one that appeared cluttered. It just goes to show you can’t always expect buyers to use their imagination: sometimes they need a helping hand.

With our end game of moving now in mind, during the two days we ruthlessly went through cupboards and took stock of what was no longer loved or needed, and in some cases with clothes, didn’t even fit. There’s after all no point in paying removal men to move items you would happily give away!

I very much enjoyed working with my client – here’s what she had to say about her experience: “Lynda achieved a complete transformation of my house in an amazingly short time and I feel much more positive and, indeed, liberated without the weight of stuff I don’t need. A huge Thank you for her energy, perseverance, tact and good humour”

Final Top Tips

  1. THINK OF OTHERS – when getting a house look ready for sale don’t make it personal, think of the taste of your buyers not your own!
  2. BE RUTHLESS – you don’t need to take 10 sets of oven gloves with you, do you?
  3. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO TAKE WITH YOU – don’t let things you no longer love or need weigh you down!
  4. Finally, if you are not sure where to start. GET A  LYNDA – “I LOVE home staging and decluttering. No job is too big or too small!

If you need to “get a Lynda”, find an accredited professional organiser in your area here.