House Decluttering Service

APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers is a unique enterprise. Created to offer decluttering services for both businesses and individuals, our ethos is aimed at helping to streamline and organise your property and aid you in removing excess clutter. Whatever your individual needs are, you will find an APDO member right for you as we each have different backgrounds and specialist expertise.

With years of experience in our highly specialized industry, we understand how easily excess items can accumulate, as well as how overwhelming it can seem to sort through them and decide which of your possessions it’s time to remove. Luckily, this is something we know exactly how to help you with.

Able to take care of these difficult decisions, our members are experienced verified professionals, who will offer you the practical assistance and sympathetic manner which are both so beneficial to getting your property back to looking its best. Experts at what they do, they’ll make certain that you are consulted throughout the entirety of this process and are completely comfortable with any choices they make.

Their primary goal is a simple one: to transform your home into a functional, usable, and relaxing space that you can make the most of.

A respectful and unique decluttering service

APDO members understand that each of our clients is unique. People come to us for all sorts of different reasons, from cutting down on their clutter before a house moves to help them to get on top of out-of-hand hoarding behaviour. All are treated with the same degree of respect and accommodated as the individuals they are.

This is why we want you to feel comfortable approaching us for our assistance. We understand how easy it can be to accumulate an overwhelming amount of possessions, but having dealt with compulsive collectors many times before, we’ve seen all that there is to see, and are happy to tackle even the most complicated and large scale of declutters. Our job is not to judge, only to help you get a handle on things.

We’ll handle decluttering jobs of any size

Our services are equally available to those whose homes only need a minimal amount of management. That’s why we’re often called by clients who are planning to sell and wish to restore their house to its most aesthetically pleasing state beforehand, as well as those who simply want to open up their property and make it seem more spacious.

We’re happy to work in any part of your home. We know that every person and property is different and that items can often end up stored in an array of places. From overflowing attics to storage rooms that are splitting at the seams, we will be able to free up some space and get everything looking spick and span again.

Available to assist any who need our aid in decluttering their home and making their property a more pleasurable place to live; our expert members are dedicated to creating happy and comfortable accommodation for our clients. To learn more about how they could help you, get in touch with us today filling out our contact form.

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