• Farzana Kharawala


  • Biography

    I have run SF Digital Studios since 2002 along with my husband.
    The business evolved from a digital photography service to a Google Partner who help small businesses with their technology and business content. Our clients choose us because we listen and really help them to reach their business goals by offering practical steps using simple-to-follow non-technical language. I love helping them to streamline their businesses using cloud technology and the latest in app technology.
    I have a family and children aged 18,16 and 6 years. My interests outside of my working life include personal growth and development, volunteering locally and I am an elected town councillor. I also have an interest in mental health and I am planning a wellbeing workshop for young people soon.

    Globe logo  www.sfdigital.co.uk

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  • Using cloud technology to organise your business

    How to use applications/ software/ technology to run your business more efficiently:
    We will be covering how to use cloud technology to its maximum advantage. Covering aspects such as:
    - Keeping track of receipts/ incidentals to claim back/ accounting software benefits.
    - Organising and securing paperwork/ contracts using cloud storage e.g. GoogleDrive.
    - Setting up diary appointments with clients efficiently.
    - How to create templated task lists to help organise client's requirements.
    The key advantages is to help delegates gain a better understanding of how to keep all mundane business tasks in order so they can have more time working on their business.

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