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Fall in love with your home (again)

Jude Ainsley, provides this guest blog and focuses on ‘the home experience’ and how to improve it; ultimately creating more joy and calm at home.

James Wallman’s book “Stuffocation” tells us that we have too much “stuff” and it’s not making us happy.

Instead of focusing on “stuff” we should focus on having better experiences as that’s what will make us happier.

As a professional organiser and declutterer, I want to focus on the home experience. We spend a lot of time at home – it should be a safe and happy place where we can do and be what we want to. A positive home experience is a massive opportunity for a happiness boost.

home experience

So what can be getting in the way?

Many of my clients call me in for help because they feel overwhelmed by their stuff. They feel they can’t manage their homes and they don’t know where to start.

I often find that a home has become “stuck” at a certain point in time. For example, clients who have moved in reluctantly and never fully accepted their new homes; clients where the set-up is for much younger children than the one’s in the household have become; and clients who have fallen out of love with their homes because of traumatic events such as a marriage break up.

There are lots more reasons of course – life moves fast and we don’t always slow down long enough to really notice that our lives have changed significantly and our homes are no longer set up in the best way to support our lifestyles.

So, what can you do to improve your home experience without spending a fortune on extensions or redecoration?

  1. Think strategically about your space – chances are your home is set up more or less the way you needed it when you first moved in. The needs of your household change and the way you use your home can change too.
  2. Make a list of all the different activities that now take place in your home. Think about each member of your household and don’t forget yourself!
  3. Next to the activity write down the ideal location for it to take place. Well organised rooms can be used for more than one purpose.
  4. Consider how you can make space in your ideal location for the activity’s “stuff” and for the activity itself. This will usually involve a declutter and relocation of “other stuff”. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle.
  5. Remember to create a space where you can all come together and enjoy each other’s company too.I love changing homes in this way. Some of my favourite examples that I’ve worked on are: decluttering a sitting room to remove a baby changing station and create a play area for children now at school, achieving family dinners at the dining table and a home office in the same room, creating a specific area for sewing set up in the window space of a sitting room, repurposing a dressing table area in a bedroom to be a study space and creating a crafting area in a home office.In my own home I decluttered the kitchen and was then able to remove a couple of units, creating space for a sofa and some relaxed family space.None of these are huge changes in themselves but they do make huge changes to how people experience their homes. What needs to change in your home for you to experience it differently and fall in love with it again?

    Jude’s blog may have inspired you to make some simple changes in order to improve your ‘home experience’ If the job seems overwhelming, you may choose to call in the professionals. Find an accredited organiser here.

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