Declutter your Home

Speak to any person about their home, and most people will admit it might be a little… cluttered, and often find themselves saying “how can I declutter my house. But something always tends to stop them picking up the phone and calling a professional to help. Many feel embarrassed or ashamed about having to call for outside help, or have had a change in personal circumstances that meant their home clutter has got a little out of hand – but there is nothing to be ashamed of!

You’d hire a professional to take care of your teeth, or to look after your pets – why should your home be any different? For the modern working person, there just might not be the time to keep everything in tip-top shape. Take that first step and call APDO Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers to lend you a helping hand today.

Peace of Mind with a professional declutterer

Having a clean house helps you have a clean mind. With everything in its place, you can rest easy without worrying about losing precious memories or treasured belongings. APDO only use expertly trained professionals, so you can be assured of a stress-free experience sorting through old remembrances without putting yourself through any unnecessary tension that might come with looking at old possessions. With an objective yet sensitive eye, APDO’s declutterer’s can do the job with tact and competence.


With everything sorted to be the way you want it, you can easily move forward in a more organised manner. Whether for a single room, like a kitchen, a closet or for the whole house, decluttering can get rid of things you didn’t realise you still had to make room for things you might now need. Once your home is tidy and organised, new belongings can simply and quickly be put into their proper place. If you fancy a new look, the house is much easier to shift into your new design ideas once it has been decluttered as well. Taking back control of your life and your house has never been simpler, with organisation only one phone call away.


Cleaning your home, finding a particular item, hosting events at your home – all these things become infinitely easier once a professional has helped with your “declutter my house” call. For example, by decluttering your garage, you open up a whole new space where you can store your car, allowing you to avoid having to park your car in the street, exposed to all kinds of weather and dangers.

Enjoy the free time that comes with an expertly decluttered household to spend on leisure activities of your own choice. For example, there will be no need to spend time searching frantically for bank letters or other important documents – you will know exactly where they are without any fuss. Prioritise yourself and your time and live life without clutter.

At the end of the day, a decluttering service is here to help make you the best you can be! Free up space in your house, clear your mind, and be ready for whatever comes next in your life by decluttering your home. Whether just before a big move, or just after moving into a new place, or even just to reorganise your current home.

If you find your inner self-calling “declutter my house”, then contact us today and see just how we can help.

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