Creating a Pro Houzz Profile

If you’ve not heard of Houzz – where have you been? Houzz won Google Play’s ‘Best App’ Award in May 2016!


Houzz is a resource for house renovation, architecture, interior design and landscaping that started in the US in 2009. Since then it’s grown massively and after a few years establishing its presence in the UK it’s now well on its way to being the go-to community for anyone wanting advice on their latest home improvement project.

I created my Pro Profile on Houzz in 2015 as it’s free and a good way to increase my online presence (which we know is so important to improving our search engine results). There are currently only a few Professional Organisers with profiles on Houzz and it would be great to create a greater industry presence by adding your own Pro profile and joining the Houzz community.

Several members have received customer referrals from being on Houzz (although I personally haven’t yet, it did score me a freelance writing job with them from posting comments to user dilemmas).

So here are a few tips to get you started with your very own Pro Houzz Profile:

First of all its good to be aware that Houzz is very much an image driven website. It’s great fun browsing through their 12 million photos (although not all in one sitting!) So arm yourself with your most dashing profile photo and some high quality, high resolution before and after shots of your work.

Next up, visit the Houzz website and select the option to ‘Sign Up with Email’. Enter your details using your business email address. It’s pretty intuitive and the website will guide you through each step of the process. You don’t need to fill in everything at once but the more you can do at this stage the better.

If you have other online listings, do not copy and paste your business descriptions. Search engines can see duplicated text and they don’t like this – you have been warned!! Here is a little bit of guidance from Houzz on writing your business description.

Houzz is a super friendly and helpful community. You’ll likely get a pop up message at some point during your sign up process asking if you would like to book a consultation. This is a great free service provided by them to you to maximise the potential of your profile and for them to have a bunch of great professional profiles on their site.

If you’d rather not speak to a person at this stage then this Help Page is a great little check list for you.

Houzz is a great forum in which to collect customer reviews as they verify each one and so you know that reviews on Houzz are genuine. This adds a lot of credibility to your business.

That’s the basics covered.

There’s a lot more to Houzz that will help with your profile, such as commenting on dilemmas and discussions. This can be great fun and for me it was a great confidence boost in the early stages of running Revive Your Space as I realised I had knowledge and opinions that other people valued.

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