Conference Sessions – APDO 2018 – “Organising Matters” Copy

Dr Stuart Whomsley


Workshop:  In conversation:  A psychological perspective on people and things, and when it goes wrong

In a first for APDO Conferences we have Clinical Psychologist Dr. Stuart Whomsley in conversation with Professional Organiser Caroline Rogers. Stuart works within the NHS and is co-author of the British Psychological Society publication ‘A psychological perspective on hoarding’ (2015). APDO are delighted to link him up with Caroline Rogers, owner of Room To Think and Masters student in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. She will be sharing a scientific study on the how and why of positive psychology within our industry and introducing a research study planned for 2018 to add to the small but growing evidence base that organising matters.

Dorothy Breininger – Dorothy the Organizer


Keynote:  The Organising Business: Scandal, Sabotage, Sanity and Success

Jail, weight gain, extreme care giving, divorce, death, financial ruin, homelessness, substance abuse, feeling like giving up – many members of APDO may have experienced at least one of these hardships. DorothyTheOrganizer has been touched by all of these experiences in her 20 year organizing career and has still managed to publish 7 books, produce and appear in an Emmy-nominated television show, create products and appear with them on PBS and QVC, become an international speaker, own three organizing companies, learn to trust in herself and others, lose 5.35 stone (75lbs), and find true love and peace. For anyone who wants to overcome difficulty currently or in the past in favour of a successful future, this is the session to attend.

Workshop:  Tips to take your organising business on-line

Your organizing website is a prime opportunity for making money. You can learn to take your ideas and experience and turn them into money. To enhance your income using an online presence, you need to have a combination of high quality content and a large amount of traffic. Once that’s in place, you can be in charge of when you work and how much you make from it, and the best part of all is that you can work from the convenience of your own home. Sounds good, right? Let DorothyTheOrganizer share her ideas and experiences for turning your website into a money maker.


Leslie Josel – Order out of Chaos

Keynote:  Late Lost & Lagging Behind: Demystifying Executive Functions and ADHD

Executive Functions are essential to how we act. They’re the brain’s ability to “screen out” all incoming information so we can self-regulate and attend. I’ll break down the core executive functions, explain how they control everything we do, and detail specific strategies to support our clients with each one.

Workshop: Speak up! Creating powerful workshops and webinars to market your business!

Are you tired of finding clients one at a time? If you want to reach a larger audience and grow your business, workshops and webinars are the secret! We’ll review killer presentation styles, dive into steps needed to be an expert, learn my 5 “Ps” to successful workshops, and how to generate referrals!

Shola Kaye





Dr Stuart Whomsley – NHS Clinical Psychologist


Keynote:  In conversation with Dr Stuart Whomsley, NHS Clinical Psychologist


Session Facilitated by:

Caroline Rogers – Room to Think




Gail Gibson




Phil Knox

Workshop: The amazing communication device in your pocket

Modern smartphone or tablets can create compelling and high-quality video to promote
your business. This hands-on workshop gives you tips and tricks to create professional
looking footage from your smartphone and will challenge you to think about ways to
effectively communicate with potential clients and followers.

Workshop:  Supercharge Your Content – the right way to get visible in your business, saving you hours of time, and your sanity!

In this workshop you’ll learn:

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