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    Joanne Lockwood is the founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, an Equality Diversity & Inclusion Practice specialising in providing Transgender Awareness and support to organisations and businesses.

    Her mantra is Smile, Engage and Educate and she passionately believes that “people are people” and, no matter who they are, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

    Joanne is taking Jonathan Collinge's place as Jonathan has had to cancel due to health reasons.

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  • Joanne's Workshop: "I am diverse and inclusive, aren't I?"

    Session Outline:

    Diversity and Inclusion is not just a box to check, diversity is in all of us, and we all want to feel included and that sense of belonging.

    What we all would benefit from is a world, a society, and a workplace culture where everyone, no matter what their background, is treated with Fairness, Respect, Equality and Dignity plus has Agency over their opportunities - for us all to be able to show up as our whole selves, and to not have to cover or mask a key part of our identity in order to conform and 'culture fit'.

    Surely, that is all you would expect for yourself, is it not?

    We know that with the right environment where people from all backgrounds and lived experience can thrive as themselves, and the benefits are clear.

    We know that creating and nurturing an awareness of inclusion and embracing diversity that it will…
    • Helps you to better understand your customers
    • Allows you and those around you perform at their peak
    • Leverage greater levels of innovation and creativity through a difference of perspectives, ideas, and thoughts
    • Will boost your own relevance and alignment within your society, business, and the customers that you serve and support

    Yet... as we know "the facts don't change people" – many organisations are not leveraging this power. They not truly owning and promoting their own Diverse and Inclusive ethos as part of their brand value. Why aren’t they?

    In this session Joanne Lockwood will explore these points, challenge the way you are thinking about Diversity & Inclusion and elevate it to something that becomes part of your DNA.

    Key Benefits:

    • Recognise that your own personal values matter as a starting point
    • Consider who we might inadvertently excluding or not thinking about
    • Understanding the importance of embracing an inclusive mindset
    • Learn how you can expand your own knowledge and discover out more and most importantly “finding your own why of D&I and the relevance to you"


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