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    For over 10 years Anthony has run his own digital marketing agency and has helped over 900 businesses go online and expand their presence online. He has over 20 years of real world experience and understands what works and what does not work online.

    He has delivered over 50 Social Media Workshops across the South West helping hundreds of businesses with their Social Media Strategy. He also assists businesses, charities and startups on how to use Social Media to build an audience for crowdfunding projects in the UK and across the world.

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  • Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

    Social Media plays a key role in your business’s marketing strategy so it is important to know that you are using it effectively and how it is benefitting your company’s brand.

    Learn how to create a social media strategy that will align with your business goals and objectives and enable you to promote your business more effectively.

    This workshop is designed for anyone who either runs their own business or is responsible for the marketing/social media of a small business.

    By attending this workshop you’ll be able to create or realign your own social media strategy and also know what platforms are performing best in 2020

    After the workshop you’ll receive access to a comprehensive Trello board which details a wealth of priceless information to help you develop and expand your social media presence.

    Key workshop takeaways:

    How to best prepare your Social Media strategy
    Social Media experts you should be following
    Strategy outline - What you should be using Social Media for
    What is working now in Social Media
    Best tools and apps to use for Social Media for creating content.

    Session suitable for all businesses big and small.

    (Wednesday PM Breakout Session)


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