Colleague Membership

Many of our member businesses are sole traders. However, some do operate as partnerships, limited companies, or have employees and we are introducing the new category of colleague membership, for both fairness and clarity for all members in respect of membership benefits and compliance with membership requirements.

Most of our members are registered with us as full members.

What is Full Membership?

This category is for anyone aged 21 years or over who works within the professional decluttering and organising industry, whether as a sole trader, partnership, or limited company. Membership within this category applies to one individual in each business member, which for a sole trader, is one and the same person. For partnerships and limited company directors, it applies only to one such partner or director. Each business member has the right to vote at any meeting of the members, such as the Annual General Meeting.

What is Colleague Membership?

This is a separate category of membership which applies to a second or subsequent person who works for a business member. It is only available while the primary (full price) business membership is in place, fully paid up and compliant with all membership requirements.

What are the benefits?

Each fully paid up member, whether business or colleague, will be entitled to:

· Their own directory listing on the website. This can duplicate the primary listing, if you wish, or may emphasise a different part of the services you offer.

· Individual login details to the website.

· A ‘map pointer’. Our new ‘postcode search’ facility gives you a ‘pointer’ on the map, based on where you live or another postcode you wish to centre your business from. Any extra membership gives you an additional ‘pointer’. So, for example, if the two members live in different towns, they will appear in both those locations.

· The ability to cast one vote on matters concerning the Association.

· Discounted member rates for Conferences and any other Association events.

· Invitations to join the member-only Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Please note: responsibility to comply with all Terms & Conditions and our Code of Ethics remains on an individual, rather than business, basis. Your ICO registration and insurance details may cover the whole business, but it is the responsibility of each individual to ensure they are covered appropriately.

What is the cost?

A colleague membership is half price, plus the standard joining or rejoining fee. So a new colleague membership will at present cost £90 per annum plus £40 joining fee = £130, and £90 per annum at renewal. (All fees inclusive of 20% VAT.)


There are two of us in my business, but we don’t want to pay for an extra colleague membership. What difference will that make to us?

· As only fully paid up members are entitled to Conference and other event discounted member rates, this means that any additional partners, directors or employees in the business will be required to pay at the full rate.

· Only the primary named business member will be entitled to vote where the occasion arises.

· One map pointer and one matching Directory entry.

· The primary named full member will retain sole responsibility for ensuring compliance with our Conditions of Membership and Code of Ethics for any partners or directors in their business.

I am a sole trader, but as I have two working bases I would like to purchase a colleague membership for myself. Is this possible?

Yes. The rules and costs apply as above. For example, you may use one entry as your home location, and another as a family location that you frequently visit and therefore can easily work from.

How do I apply?

Please apply through the Join APDO page on the APDO website.

Any queries?

Please email the Head of Membership at


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