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    As a “highly sensitive person”, British-born and Toronto native, Clare Kumar developed superlative organising skills as a coping strategy to calm a chaotic world. Now, she’s known for those skills appearing regularly in media as an organizing and productivity expert. Since founding her company in 2005, Clare has helped thousands to better manage their key resources of time, space, and energy. A Certified Executive Coach, Clare now works with busy professionals to boost productivity, pleasure and sustainable performance. In a word, she facilitates “flow” – creating the desired state for excellent execution.

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  • Find Your Flow – Personal Productivity Strategies for Sustainable Performance

    Are you able to regularly get into the “zone”? That ideal state where there is only movement forward, you’re facing the right amount of challenge, where time seems to cease to exist, and you accomplish meaningful things? Or, do you end up working longer than you want to and wondering where the day actually went? No doubt you are busy, but are you investing your time, energy and attention in the right things?

    Join Productivity Coach and Professional Organiser, Clare Kumar, as she takes you through Productivity CPR™, her holistic model for personal performance to help set intention, manage your attention, and execute with excellence. You’ll walk away with life-changing strategies you can apply right away to cultivate a state of flow, every day.

    CPR stands for:
    Compass - Setting intentions. Build the self-awareness to determine and build a values-based life and business. References the LifeTime Management™ Satisfaction Survey.
    Performance - Managing attention. Take care of the human animal to ensure you can bring your best attention to your intentions. An overview of eight Productivity Table Stakes™
    Rituals - Excellence in execution. Best practices to ensure efficient and effective execution. Applies to attention management and activities to achieve your intentions.

    From Time Management to LifeTime Management™ - The practical approach to a fulfilling life

    Work-life integration is a constant challenge for entrepreneurs. We are often reacting rather than directing the course of our life. In this workshop, you’ll get a chance to change perspective. Jump up and take a bird's eye view of your life. Determine if your attention is matching your intentions. Figure out what you want to do differently to boost your satisfaction. Learn and apply this repeatable methodology to keep yourself in the driver’s seat of your life. Then share it with your clients.

    The workshop will include a deep dive into the LifeTime Management process, including identifying valued states, completing the LifeTime Management Satisfaction Survey, clarifying areas of development and defining actions to be completed within the next 90 days. The exercise will be completed in groups with an invitation to share.

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