Spring Clearing Week 2020: Sustainable Fashion

Our Spring Clearing Week theme for 2020 was in support of sustainable fashion and the efforts we can each make to promote environmentally friendly practices and in particular the reuse of garments as an alternative to buying new. Jules Anderson (Sorting Out Space SOS) encouraged us all to have a “Fast Fashion fast

Our members had jumped at this theme with gusto, organising and promoting Swish events across the country, where people swap their pre-loved clothes with other attendees. Sadly, the onset of Coronavirus measures and the UK being asked to #stayhome from 23 March 2020 meant almost all these events had to be postponed until further notice.

However, alongside adjusting to the new changes, our members encouraged (via social media platforms), a rethink on our wardrobes through challenges such as

  • Project 333 (limiting yourself to 33 items of clothing and accessories for 3 months) or
  • Behind the Label’s even more demanding Six Items Challenge as tested by APDO members Mel Carruthers (More Organised) and Rosie Barron (The Tidy Coo) last year. You select six staple items of clothing from your wardrobe and pledge to wear only these every day for six weeks (unlimited shoes, accessories on this one).

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