How To Have A Sustainable Wardrobe.

Six effective or stress-free steps to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

#1 Review and Re-wear

Start with taking your time to go through your wardrobe and assess each piece of clothing. Couple this with a good decluttering and purge process. Ask yourself three golden questions:

  1. Do I like this?
  2. How often do I wear it?
  3. Would someone else benefit from this more?

Answer these honestly and take positive action against each answer.

Re-wear your clothes, don’t get into a habit of wearing your pieces just once or a handful of times.

#2 Be an intentional and conscious consumer

Buy for a good reason and do your research into ethical brands that are committed to sustainability and have robust modern slavery practices in place.

#3 Share ‘n’ Swap

Why not throw a Share ‘n’ Swap party with your family and friends? It’s the perfect way to recycle, reuse and repurpose your clothes. It also makes you think about what you own, why you own it and how often you use it.

#4 Donate the D’s

Donate your denim and dresses! These items are some of the most sought after in charity shops. You will be raising money for a great cause and reducing waste. I love the phrase ‘What is one man’s treasure is another man’s trash’, it’s the perfect way to say let’s recycle!

#5 Shop seconds first!

Gen Z have got this right which is why Depop, ASOS Marketplace, Vinted and more exploded. This entrepreneurial generation are intelligent, ethical buyers who enjoy expressing their individuality. Baby boomers – Gen X have a lot to learn from them. They are changing the world with their drive to do better than the generations before them.

Mix it up and buy second-hand too. Make Gen Z proud!

#6 Buy from ethical local brands

Reduce your carbon footprint and shop local. There are many fantastic small brands that are emerging post pandemic. Support them, create demand and help build sustainable and local supply chains.

I hope you have found these tips useful. If you have, share them to help others make positive steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


Article by Jacqueline McLeod of Bancrofts Organisation Services

Instagram: clutter_free_queen

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