Green, Clean and Clutter free – Organise your kitchen using these top green tips

We have all heard of the phrase ‘Waste not, want not’ which translates to ‘If you don’t want it, don’t waste it’ or another common interpretation is ‘If you don’t waste your resources, you will never actually want for anything’.

However, you choose to view it, the ultimate message is to reduce your waste and where better to start than your kitchen where most of the waste in any household is generated.

If you want to cut down on the waste and clutter in your kitchen, then Jacqueline McLeod (Bancrofts Organisation Services), APDO Communications & Marketing Director, aka clutter_free_queen, suggests you can consider the following tips:

#1 Create a pantry where form follows function

Organise your pantry into categories, coordinate your containers, label your items with the name, expiration date and approximate amount/weight. This will give you a good idea of what you have in your pantry so items don’t get forgotten about; you will know when items are due to expire so will naturally be inclined to use all of it; and the amount/weight indicates how much you typically use so when you stock up next time you may not need as much and don’t waste anything.

#2 Become the food waste Police

To stop food waste and cut down on the use of plastic bags, use Tupperware boxes or cartons you already have and label with a whiteboard marker that you can rub out. That way you, and anyone else in your household, will know when it went into the fridge and when it should be eaten by. You’re also reducing the amount of plastic going back into the system.

Make sure you remind your family and/or friends to follow this system too!

#3 Stretch the shop!

Shopping on the same day each week is helpful for a routine, but stretching the “weekly” food shop to 8, 9 or even 10 days will help you to use up what’s left at the back of the cupboard.

Tip provided by Siân Pelleschi (Sorted!) APDO, Conference Director

#4 Create a weekly menu

Plan your meals and have fun doing it. Involve everyone in the house. Buy only what you need and keep track of your staple items as well by using a whiteboard, chalkboard or use your virtual assistant (Amazon Alexa, good echo etc.).

#5 Champion local businesses

Buy local. Your produce won’t have travelled very far to your home which immediately reduces your carbon footprint.

#6 One in, One out!

If you decide to buy a new kitchen appliance, recycle or donate your old one AND giveaway something else you rarely use. This helps to maintain the space in your kitchen and keeps it free from clutter.

These simple and easy tips will save you money, time and lighten your carbon footprint.

Get everyone in your home to commit to these sustainable practices too!


Article by Jacqueline McLeod of Bancrofts Organisation Services

Instagram: clutter_free_queen

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