Demystifying Social Media

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What could be covered on your mentoring call:

• setting up a new account on a platform/completing a bio/pinned posts
• building a brand/developing a unique voice
• images including copyright issues
• content and hashtags
• interacting and building a following
• making social media graphics
• scheduling


Below are the mentors who currently offer advice in this area. Please click here to book a call with one of these mentors.

Meet The Mentors

  • Kate Ibbotson

    APDO Board Members
  • Since setting up A Tidy Mind four years ago, Kate has lived and breathed social media. She has extensive brand awareness and understands how content compliments different brands, how to get noticed and how to build followings organically. A large percentage of her clients approach her through social media which extends to a following of over 11,000 across six different platforms and she would like to help other businesses market their businesses in their own unique way.

    The social media platforms Kate can advise on are:

    Facebook Pages and Groups
    Linked In

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  • Juliet Landau-Pope

    APDO Board Members
  • Juliet can offer advice on using Twitter to build your business and network in your local area.

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