Creating Your Decluttering Process

How do you actually declutter a room? Whilst there is no one-size-fit-all method we can discuss some basic principles that will help you feel in control for your early work.

⦁ Equipment
⦁ Recycling and donating
⦁ Spatial awareness
⦁ Timing and speed
⦁ Tips and tricks
⦁ Managing your client

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Here’s who you can talk to further about this topic:

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  • Sarah Bickers

    Previously a physiotherapist working with disability, and with a special interest in ADHD, Sarah started Free Your Space in 2014. She particularly enjoys working over a longer period with clients who struggle with organisation so that lasting changes are seen.
    Professional development has always been a priority for her, and she loves encouraging new small business owners, so she is proud to be on the APDO training team.
    Sarah has a particular interest in helping you identify your ‘dream client’, so that you start getting the right kind of enquiries for you!

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  • Ingrid Jansen

    Ingrid set up Organise Your House 8 years ago and she has done over 800 projects to date. Ingrid loves decluttering wardrobes, kitchens and paperwork but she will work in any area in her clients' homes. Besides decluttering and organising she also loves helping her clients unpack after a house move and she works with clients who are (considering) downsizing. She attends regular networking events, is interested in organising techniques and methods worldwide and is moving forward with her youtube channel. As 4-year President of APDO she has contacts worldwide, is a motivator and energetic personality and an APDO trainer.
    Ingrid can advice both organisers who are just beginning their journey or share advanced knowledge to members who have been in the industry for a couple of years already. She can also share networking tips and give tips about filming with your smartphone.

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  • Lesley Spellman

    Lesley Spellman has run The Clutter Fairy for over 8 years and with her small team has decluttered and organised more than 700 happy clients. With over 5 years’ service on the APDO Board managing social media, the introduction of the mentoring scheme, the development of our latest website and in her role as trainer, and Head of Mentoring, she fully understands the industry as a whole, its challenges, quirks, benefits and regional variations. Lesley is a self taught decluttering expert and has a process that is tried and tested, used by her and her team. The clients feel in control, Lesley feels in control and the process is managed every step of the way. She would like to share this with you. You can expect passion, honesty, straight talking advice and lots of useful practical information during a call with Lesley.

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  • Katherine Blackler

    Katherine founded SortMySpace Ltd in January 2016. She was determined from the outset to make an impact on the decluttering and organising world and is the current President of APDO. She recognises the challenges we face being a solopreneur in a developing industry but is equally excited about the opportunities that exist for those who join this rewarding career. Katherine will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone to develop both yourself and your business.
    With 15+ years in the corporate world she can help guide you through event management, office admin and project management queries. Katherine can share what’s in her professional organiser toolkit; Both practically in her bag but also any business mindset techniques she’s found useful as she walks along her own path of self-discovery and business growth.

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