• Annemiek Tigchelaar


  • Biography

    I’ve been an enthusiastic professional organizer since I’ve heard from this profession. I’m a business organizer and helped countless people organizing their administration, e-mail, tasks, agenda and head.

    I’ve always been an active NBPO member. Since six years I’m one of our six trainers who provide the NBPO Basis Training for starting professional organizers. I really enjoy helping new colleagues and I know what topics they are interested about.

    I’m an educated trainer and MRPO: Master Registered Professional Organizer. I’m proud

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  • Solve the e-mail overload: a practical approach for the PO

    We’ll start with an active e-mail quiz.
    I’ll give answers to the following questions:
    - What are the occurring problems with e-mail(overload) in an average office and what are the effects for the now a day’s employees?
    - How could an PO guide a client with a full e-mail inbox?
    - How do you learn your client to work with e-mail in an more effective way?
    I will work through some examples and we will discuss best e-mail practices in an interactive way

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