• Alison Lush CPO-CD®, CPO® Master Trainer


  • Biography

    Alison Lush became a professional organizer in 2010.  As she studied, Alison came to realize that she HERSELF was chronically disorganized.  Alison tested every strategy learned first on herself, and feels she 'reprogrammed' herself.
    Currently President on the ICD Board of Directors. She has also served as Education Director and Ethics Chair for the Professional Organizers in Canada.
    Alison was awarded the prestigious Harold Taylor award in 2017 for outstanding contribution to the organizing profession.
    She is the only certified organizer in Quebec, and offers bilingual services in the Montreal area.
    Alison LOVES working with clients affected by chronic disorganization!

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  • My journey from chronically disorganized to Certified Professional Organizer

    What makes organizers able to help clients? Many colleagues describe childhood filled with preference for order and ability to organize. Mine was different.
    Beginning to study organizing in 2010 was akin to putting on a new pair of glasses. I could see I had not yet mastered the management of my possessions, was affected by guilt and shame, and my family was paying a price.
    Happily, through study, experimentation and practice, I transformed my relationships with things and my environment.
    Today I am an accomplished professional, and I have partnered successfully with dozens of clients. No more shame or guilt.
    This is the story of Alison's inspirational journey

    Making Space for the KonMari Method™

    Seven years after Marie Kondo’s first book was published, appreciation for her teaching is still strong. The KonMari Method™ is sometimes a controversial subject among professional organizers. Why?
    This session will compare and contrast the KonMari Method™ with methods commonly employed by organizers trained by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

    Learning Objectives
    • To understand the impact of the KonMari Method™
    • To recognize the fundamental components of the method
    • To further develop one’s understanding of how the KonMari Method™ may be helpful not only for clients challenged simply with clutter, but also those facing other
    issues such as depression, physical challenges, ADHD, memory issues, and hoarding behavior.


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