Understanding clients with ADHD/ADD

Have you come across clients with ADHD (or clients with more than the average level of chaos)? Find out more about what makes them tick and how you can help them to become more organised.

  • ADHD types/ symptoms
  • The person behind the ADHD and how to be an ADHD-friendly organiser!
  • How people deal with their ADHD (medication etc)
  • Practical tips for organising
  • Pros & cons of having a client with ADHD
  • Useful resources for you/ your client

Fees are:

  • APDO members: £60 inc VAT
  • Non-members: £75 inc VAT

Your invoice must be paid in advance to secure time in the diary.

Here’s who you can talk to further about this topic:

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  • Sarah Bickers

    Sarah has made it her business to learn about ADHD, having several family members with the condition. This gives her an understanding of the ADHD experience from the inside! Having focussed on this since setting up Free Your Space in 2014, around 25% of her clients have ADHD. She also runs workshops, gives talks and is active in ADHD groups.
    Sarah loves the energy and drive that people with ADHD often have, and is experienced in dealing with the specific challenges involved in working with this client group. She focuses on helping her clients simplify their lives and reduce overwhelm in order to focus on, and pursue their passions.
    In a mentoring call with Sarah, expect to learn lots more about ADHD and how it impacts both the client and you, with lots of practical advice on how to support them as they declutter and organise their home or office.

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